The quality of a proxy depends not on its characteristics. The functionality and traits of each service are pretty similar. It mostly depends on who is providing this service. There are plenty of providers of proxy servers on the Web, so how do you choose the right one? You should remember that your safety depends on your choice. There are some people who are willing to steal your data – personal information, credit cards, etc. With such a proxy you can also download malware or viruses on your computer. It happens because the owner of the server can see the real IP address of the user. And, with the address, it is easy to get the data for scammers. So, it is important to choose a trusted and quality provider, such as soax proxies.

In this article, we will discuss why you need proxies and how to choose a service provider.

What is proxy

When you’re on the Web, visiting any site will leave a print after it, displaying your IP address. It means that resources will collect data – location and other information based on this address. Also, some sites can be blocked by your internet provider or site owner. With a proxy, you can gain access to blocked content.

Unlike the direct connection to the resource, a proxy creates a bridge between the user and the Internet. The proxy server has its own IP address, so it passes traffic through itself first.

Using a proxy can also increase your internet speed. There are plenty of different types of proxies. For example, let’s stop at residential proxies and why they are more secure than the rest. Let’s imagine that you’re physically located in Rome. To get access to a blocked website you purchase a proxy. By turning it on the server will recognize you as a real person, but living in New York or Berlin. It happens because all the proxy servers are bought or rented from real addresses, so, it itis much easier to get permission to open a website or secure your web surfing.

In the case of mobile proxies, they work by forwarding data through several mobile devices. It makes it difficult for a site to track you down because the technology is similar to residential proxies. It has a real physical address, so, the server sees you as a real person. Why do you need it for? When you’re using mobile internet, the provider gives you an IP address from a pool. This address has already been used by a person before you. After you finish, the address will be given to somebody else. It means that if this user has engaged in suspicious activities on the Internet, you may end up endlessly undergoing trough Google CAPTCHA verification. Likewise, if you attempt to log into social media, the resource will detect multiple attempts and block or suspend your account. But it can be prevented. You can use a mobile proxy to hide your current IP address by using a clean one.

Where is the difference between proxy and VPN

Both technologies aim at the same goal – to create a protective shield while surfing the web, but there is a difference. They both provide anonymity and allow bypassing blocking. A VPN or proxy increases internet speed. But there are some advantages of choosing proxy over VPN:

  • much faster internet speed – due to the fewer encrypting procedures;
  • an average proxy pack is cheaper than a paid VPN of the same quality;
  • friendly for business – with proxy you can personally choose what sites your employees should and should not visit.

Also, you’re in charge of outgoing traffic. Can’t say the same about VPNs.

What is also worth noticing: there are some free proxies on the Web. They come with some limitations – you can use it for a certain amount of time or there’s a limit on MB. Also do not forget about your cyber security – often a free proxy hides malware or collects data about its users.

What soax.com can offer its users

Summing up all of the above, the following can be noted:

  1. On the Internet, you can find a huge amount of feedback from real users about their experience with Soax.
  2. Soax can offer a large number of service packages (from the cheapest to the most expensive), which provides some variety. For the most sophisticated, it is possible to create your own package of services. The price in this case will be selected individually for you by a support worker.
  3. Quality 24/7 support is also about the SOAX proxy provider
  4. A huge number of servers and IP addresses in different countries – from several tens of thousands to a million, all depends on the demand

Analyze all of the above, read user reviews, and choose a proxy provider that suits your taste. We wish you a safe, anonymous, and successful surfing experience on the Internet.

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