Ecommerce is a business where changes take place rather quickly. The lifespan of popular products is unpredictable, and new trends seemingly come out of nowhere. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, so, whether you already have an established online business or you are just starting one, you should be aware of the techniques to find trending products. You will greatly benefit from it by staying ahead of the competition, which will allow you to establish yourself as a market leader and generate more sales. Otherwise, you risk losing many potential customers. There are several ways to find eCommerce trending products, and in this article, we are going to discuss the most efficient ones.

Analytical tools

Analytical tools will greatly assist you in finding products that have been popular for some time or are just on the verge of popularity. To help you stay at the top of your game, we have prepared a list of various analytical tools and websites that will help you find the best eCommerce trending products.

Google Trends

This is probably the most popular tool to use to research and monitor interest in specific products or topics over time. This tool helps you evaluate what products you should focus on by providing information about what people were searching for during a certain time period. The data that is shown to you in the results can help you determine what niche you should focus on.

Is a product or service you’re going to sell currently in demand? Are people actually interested in this product? Google Trends can answer these questions for you, as it shows up-to-date information on:

  • Countries where this particular query is searched for
  • Demand pattern and its dependence on the season
  • The current level of interest
  • Related topics that can give you additional ideas for products to offer

With the given information you can take advantage of it by appropriately setting up your SEO and marketing tactics.

Instant Product Evaluator Tool

If you have plans to sell certain products, this tool can help you evaluate whether or not your ideas are profitable. How does it work? You write down the ideas that you have and then answer a series of questions that will help you decide if the idea is worth investing in. However, don’t think that they are simple “yes” or “no” questions. You will have to do some research before answering the questions. Here is an example of one of the questions asked in the survey: “What is the potential selling price of your product?”. After finishing the survey, you will receive an email with the final result.

Google Keyword Planner

A helpful tool you can use to research any keywords related to your niche. It showcases historical statistics and traffic forecasts. This means that based on the search results, you can evaluate what keywords will help generate conversions, and plan ahead for your future campaigns.

These analytical tools provide you with information that can greatly help your business grow, however, what other tools or websites can you use to find eCommerce trending products?

Trend Watching

This website provides reliable expert insights from experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in different areas. Here you’ll be able to discover reports on the most popular trends in any industry.

Trend Hunter

This is another popular website that lists trends in various niche categories. People from all over the world share their up-to-date ideas on different topics, be it fashion, gadgets, home, etc.


As the world’s largest crowdfunding website, it can give you a slight idea of the projects people are currently working on. This way, you can gain an edge and implement the newest trends into your business.


On this website, you can see the most promising innovations in various business areas from different regions of the world. It can serve as a great platform to draw new ideas from.


This is a great website to find trending products. They’re up-to-date on the latest trends as they appeal to the eCommerce community. Not only do they have many trending product ideas, but they also have guidelines and tutorials that can help you choose the right products. This site is a certain necessity for any online retailer looking for the best product ideas to add to their online business.

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Retail platforms

Although using analytical tools can prove to be useful as you can estimate what will be popular and integrate it into your online store, you can also use large retail platforms, to see what is currently trending.


Using the eBay marketplace research tool, you can find the most popular categories and products on this platform. Furthermore, you can simply use the search engine and see the most viewed and sold items across different categories. You can filter out the search results to get more information on how much was sold during a certain time period. You can view the results for the last week, for the previous day, or even for the last hours. Moreover, you can see the search data of people from different geographic locations.


This is the biggest retail platform in the world where you can find new product ideas for your online store as well as see the top trending products. By simply typing in relevant keywords for the products you want to find in the Amazon search box, you’ll see if they are trending or not. Amazon also has a separate section for best selling products. This list is updated on an hourly basis, so you can be sure that the shown information is always relevant.


This is one of the largest online retail platforms where you can find trending products and countless product ideas. On AliExpress, you can find reliable suppliers that offer cheap or even free shipping options. How can you find the products that are trending? There is a section of popular products, but you can also use the search box. Simply enter keywords that are related to your query. Then filter out the products by checking the boxes with free shipping and rating with 4 or more stars. Thus, the search results will show the best available products from reliable suppliers.

Hopefully, you found this information useful, and it will help you find the most popular eCommerce trending products. With the help of the mentioned methods, you are bound to find success in the eCommerce world. Best of luck to you in establishing and developing your online business!