Order Dad a One-of-a-Kind Gift for Father’s Day

Father’s Day will be upon us in no time! Sometimes dads are just hard to buy for. They have nearly everything they could ever need. That oftentimes leaves us buying cliché gifts that give us déjà vu: didn’t we buy this exact same thing for Father’s Day last year?

Maybe Dad is into golf, so you get him his favorite golf balls every year. Maybe he’s a handyman so you usually pick out a tool he probably already has. Perhaps he’s a fisherman so he gets fishing tackle year after year. These types of gifts never seem very thoughtful or special since they’re the same ol’ story as the year before and the same thing kids the world over will be buying their dad this year and the next.

We’ve got to change the way we look at Father’s Day gifts in order to get to the heart of what Dad would like the most. What do dads really love most of all? Their kids! A custom portrait made from a photo is a perfect solution when your dad is tough to buy for. You can learn more about ordering one here.

Father’s Day Gifting Fun Facts

Wondering how other people typically approach buying gifts for their dad on Father’s Day? Here are some quick fun facts about Father’s Day gifting that might help inform and inspire you:

  • We spend an average of $12 billion on Father’s Day
  • We spend almost twice as much for Mother’s Day as we do Father’s Day
  • We spend an average of $55 million on cards and gift wrap for the holiday in the UK
  • We spend more than $890 million on personal grooming items and gardening and home improvement items for Father’s Day gifts
  • 75% of men in the US and UK celebrate Father’s Day in some way, on average

Custom Portrait Ordering How-To

The mere idea of ordering a custom portrait can seem a little daunting. I mean, who the heck does that in modern times? The actual answer is plenty of people! Ordering custom portraiture isn’t nearly the production with the corresponding gigantic price tag that it was once upon a time.

The internet means that you can send a photo or multiple photos to the talented artist of your choice and they can turn it into a masterpiece. No sitting is required.

You simply send a photo, make some decisions about how you want the final portrait to look, and check over an internet proof to make sure you got the beautiful art you were expecting!

Some Ideas for Choosing a Photo

When you’re looking at photos to turn into portraits for Dad, you might want to consider photos of your most special moments with him. Fishing and camping trips, vacations, graduations, and even your favorite baby picture of Dad holding you are great options.

For fathers, a less posed photo, one that’s a little more at the moment, might be a better alternative than a formal picture that was snapped by a professional. Dads are more likely to find the memories endearing, even if the photo itself isn’t quite as poised as some people may like.

Be sure you choose a photo with good lighting and high-resolution. The clearer the photo, the more detail your artist of choice has to work with.

Choosing a Medium

One of those decisions you’ll need to make is in which medium you’d like the portrait created. Actually, it’s probably the biggest decision that you’ll need to make. The medium you choose affects the whole aesthetic of the piece.

Oil is the most common medium that people think of when they think ‘portrait’. It generally produces a final product that looks fairly photo-realistic and has some texture. Acrylic paints can have a similar effect to that of oil paints.

Pastels can also turn out a portrait that looks similar to the portrait in real life. However, pastel portraiture doesn’t have as much texture.

Watercolor is often thought of as a medium more suitable to landscapes or florals, but it can create beautifully stylized portraiture of human subjects, as well. Watercolor portraits from photos can be a great addition to any home’s décor.

Charcoal is a great medium for dads as the finished product tends to have a vibe that would be suitable for a study or man cave. Think charcoal if you’re looking for a black and white rendering.

Colored pencils can produce surprisingly realistic portraits, as well. Many of the colored pencil portraits done by Paint Your Life artists are barely distinguishable from the photographs they’re based on.

In Conclusion

Whatever photo you choose, whichever medium you decide on, a custom portrait is a great way to let your dad know you love him this Father’s Day.