Uber, just like other ride-sharing entities, has changed the way people approach transportation. Most people use their mobile app to arrange for a car to take them to their destination because of the convenience. In most instances, Uber riders get to their destinations without any problems. However, they have also caused several accidents, and many passengers have wound up hurt.

Uber is aware that accidents could occur, and they are prepared for such incidents by carrying big policies to pay out on claims. In most cases, their claims cover other road users, passengers, and any other person who could be injured during an accident. Uber accident settlements pay for all your medical care and short- and long-term damages caused by an accident involving an Uber. A car accident lawyer knows how to deal with Uber accidents to ensure you get the best settlement.

Below are some of the ways of getting a settlement after you are involved in an Uber accident.

Call a Lawyer as Soon as Possible

If you are injured in an Uber accident, call a lawyer as soon as you can. This is because Uber and its insurance companies do not want to pay out on claims even if their drivers are at fault in causing your injuries. Your attorney will handle the case and communicate with the insurance entities on your behalf. This gives you the time to focus on your physical recovery and emotional healing.

Seek Medical Attention

After your involvement in an Uber accident, it is vital to go to a healthcare facility and request an extensive medical evaluation. You need to do this whether you were treated at the scene of the accident or not. You need to see a physician who can provide official medical documents that describe all your injuries. With these records, you can argue that you are as injured as you claim and that your injuries are actually a result of the accident and not due to preexisting conditions.

Avoid Social Media

You may be tempted to post about your Uber accident on different social media platforms. This might jeopardize your chance of getting a settlement because insurance companies will use your posts as evidence against you, if possible.

Later, if you again post a picture having fun with friends, there exists a possibility that the insurance companies will use that as proof that you are dishonest about how severe your injuries are. They will use this as an excuse to either fail to provide compensation or to reduce the amount of your settlement. Given that social media can hurt your case, it is advisable to stay off all the platforms until you conclude your accident case.

Do Not Accept Just Any Settlement Offer

Unscrupulous insurance companies will reduce your compensation amount by making settlement offers soon after the accident, even before you realize the extent of your injuries or before engaging your attorney. They may not inform you, but as soon as you accept a settlement, it is almost impossible to get additional compensation.

Therefore, if you accept a settlement that is not commensurate to your losses, you may not have other options for getting the compensation you deserve. An experienced car accident lawyer will act on your behalf to ensure you get a settlement that adequately compensates you for all injuries and losses.

Wrap Up

A Riverside car accident lawyer will help you after your involvement in an Uber accident to get the settlement you deserve. The provision of relevant medical records and evidence ensures that the settlement covers medical bills, costs of ongoing treatment, and the pain you are bound to experience in the future.

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