Technology is doing much more than people had expected. It has infiltrated different aspects of our lives and made things better. Starting with the entertainment world, you do not even have to leave the house to get it. Vegas casino online among many other online gaming platforms have brought convenience as they can be accessed from anywhere.

It does not stop there. The business world has had much more to benefit from technology. It has played a vital role in the success of different aspects of business, be it manufacturing, customer service, and even marketing.

Email marketing has been around for a while, and contrary to what most people think, email marketing is not dead. However, the way people do it has changed, and businesses have to take a new approach for their campaigns to remain effective.

A personalized approach, whereby businesses use big data to design email marketing campaigns, will help businesses provide their customers with value while building personal connections. If you have been doing email marketing, and you don’t see results, there must be doing something wrong. You should consider revisiting your strategy and try to establish why it is not working.

There are tons of things you can do to improve your email marketing campaigns, which includes things such as choosing the right sender name for your emails. Here are more ways to enhance your email marketing campaigns.

1. Create mobile-friendly emails

Statistics show that 75% of people use their phones to open emails. If your emails do not open correctly, most people will discard them. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that the recipient does not feel any difference when opening the email using a computer and when using a phone.

A single-column design email will be mobile-friendly, as most people use the vertical scroll to read the email. Ensure that the email also has buttons big enough for the recipients to click on. Using bold headlines will also go a long way in making your emails mobile responsive. Emails that are eye-catching and engaging on smartphones increase the click-to-open rate, meaning that your campaign will be more effective.

2. Make your call-to-action clear

The goal of every email sent with the purpose of marketing is to arouse a reaction from the recipient. If your call-to-action is not clear, then you might not get what you want from your campaign. Creating a clear “call to action” (CTA) will go a long way. The readers should be able to establish what they are required to do within the first five seconds of reading your email. Without that, the chances are high that your emails will only end up in the trash. You can test if your CTA is clear by asking someone to read the email before sending it to the intended audience. If they can tell what they need to do within the first 5 seconds, your email is perfect.

3. Find the best time to send your emails

If you want to get responses from your audience, it is essential to identify when is the right time to send your emails. If your audience is business people, they are more likely to open emails between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm and are less likely to read and respond during weekends. Segment your sending time according to your audience to enhance your reach. You can use Gmail email scheduling so that your audience gets the emails at the optimal time.

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4. Make your email subject direct

When sending emails to your audience, you are not guaranteed a response, let alone the recipient opening it. To increase your chances of getting a reaction, you might want to consider sending emails with catchy subjects. Your email subject should motivate the recipient to open your email. The most preferable email subjects are ones that are short and express urgency.

5. Give your audience the power to manage their email subscriptions

When emails are flowing in and shadowing other emails for your recipients, they can get fatigued and opt to unsubscribe from your emails for good. To prevent that, you can give the recipients the option of managing their subscriptions. At the end of your emails, you can include an action bar of “receive emails less frequently,” among many other email management options. This will go a long way in making your audience comfortable with your emails. This will reduce attrition and allow you to maintain communication with your audience.

6. Humanize your emails

Recipients are more likely to respond to your emails if they come from a real person. You should, therefore, avoid the “no-reply” emails. No one wants to respond to emails that they can’t react to. Customers are looking for engagement, and a better percentage of them will open emails where they know they can get responses.

You have tons of options of where your emails could be coming from. It could be from a customer support agent, a member of the marketing team, or even your CEO. Make the changes, and you will note a difference in the response rate.

Just like in any other form of digital marketing campaigns, doing email marketing the right way matters. How you create your campaigns is what will make your emails stand out from other brands. The tips above will help you improve your email marketing and get the response you are looking for.