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Becoming a better gamer is something that everyone who wants to take their favorite hobby to the next level worries about. Making it as a streamer means you either need a winning personality, incredible skills, or, even better, both. Though you can absolutely put together a huge fanbase by being bad at games and being funny about it, that’s not everyone’s goal. Even if it is your goal, you still will want to improve your gaming rig and your performance efforts so that you can stay healthy and energetic when on camera.

There are so many ways you can make it as a gamer today, but before you accidentally push yourself too far, follow this guide to support your health and your talents.

Improve Your Health Support When Gaming

Our health impacts everything that we do. Get a terrible night’s sleep, and you can hardly concentrate or make good decisions. Have a tense back or sore muscles, and your reflexes are hampered. Improving your physical health is good for your gaming and the rest of your day, so keep these tips close to heart.

Care for Your Eyes

The blue-white light from our devices can cause a lot of strain on our bodies, especially if you are looking at that blue-white light in a dark environment like gamers often do. If you feel like your eyes strain often, you have to deal with bloodshot eyes, or your eyes just feel sore, then you should look into ways to reduce the strain at the source.

You can invest in blue light blocking glasses to help you enjoy gaming and work without that exhausting strain on your eyes. You could also just change the settings on your computer or television so that the light is warmer and less sensitive to your eyes.

Obviously, the right choice will depend on how you work or play. Some cannot see as well with the warmer light and want to keep the blue light as standard. Others might be able to get by with the warm tint day in and day out. Whatever works for you, commit to it for the sake of your eyes and your quality of sleep.

Care for Your Back

If you are physically uncomfortable when gaming, then that will carry over into your skills and the rest of your day. Stress compounds, so if you are looking to play a few hours of your favorite game and relax, you must be in comfort when you do so.

Supporting your back and neck, in particular, will help you reduce stress on your body and, in turn, your capabilities. Studies have shown that proper support can reduce tension throughout your body, allowing you to focus better on the game and perform better overall.

Fombag bean bag chairs are a great choice when it comes to supporting your back and enjoying playing your video game. They also double well as extra seats when you invite guests over. Play better, be more comfortable, and invest in your home.

Care for Your Hands and Wrists

Repetitive action in your hands and wrists increases the likelihood that you will develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Giving your hands the proper break that they need is an obvious tip, but to help you enjoy playing for longer, you will want to invest in gadgets that will help keep you going. Wrist support and compression gloves are two great choices to start off with.

Improve Your Gaming Capabilities

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Now that you are physically supported, you will want to use this boost to improve your gaming capabilities. In this case, practice does make perfect, but you don’t need to be the best gamer in the world to obtain a fanbase or have fun. Instead, try to find a way to play that you enjoy most. Whether it’s just as a hobby or you want to grow a career, this is how you will succeed.

Improve Your Streaming Capabilities

If you want to game for more than just fun and want to start streaming and building up an audience, then you are going to want to invest in a few key components.

Professional Light

A ring light is a great choice to ensure that your face is adequately lit up. Overhead lights that cast a downward shadow on your face are the worst option available. Not only will they make you look unflattering, but they are also hard to see.

Professional studio lighting will keep your video crisp and you looking good on camera.

Neutral Background

Though there are options to digitally remove your background, you are actually better off choosing a better background. A neutral or photo wall will make it much easier to get a clear picture to your viewers, and if you do want to digitally alter your background, a neutral wall works better than a busy one.

High-Def Video

Most laptops don’t have great built-in cameras, so you will want to invest in a good external one that you can hook up directly to your computer.


You will need a professional microphone. This can be a lapel mike or one that sits in front of you on your desk. In both cases, you will want to test in advance to figure out how to cut out any ambient noise. The only sound it should be picking up is your voice, and your voice needs to be adjusted so that it isn’t too quiet or causing audio blowouts.

Editing Software

Though you won’t need editing software to stream, you will want to take the footage of your stream and ideally cut it down so that you can post it to other platforms to build up viewership.

With this guide, you’ll enjoy your hobby that much more, because when you are comfortable, and there are no technological hiccups involved you can focus on the gaming experience you love. Have that, and you can build a career around it, or just enjoy some much-needed downtime.