Free spins are sometimes offered to new and existing casino members, but not everyone is sure whether to accept this type of bonus, while others misuse the free spins and fail to get a lot of benefits from them. By following these tips, you can make sure that you don’t waste them.

Check the Terms & Conditions on How to Use Them

The details of free spins on offer at Betfair give us an example of how the terms and conditions are explained. At the time of writing, this section is where you can see that the current offer is for 50 free spins on Dynamite Riches or other Daily Jackpot games. They also explain that you have seven days to use the free spins and the steps that you need to take to receive and accept the bonus.

Therefore, the first step is to make sure that you have enough time to use them all in the period mentioned. Most slots are fast-paced and easy to play, but if you earn bonus rounds or extra free spins, then those games are going to last longer. So set aside enough time to play them in a relaxed way without having to rush, and you can be sure that you’ll use them rather than letting some of them expire.

Find a Game You Want to Try

Free spin offers will tell you the name of one or more slots that you can use them on. If you’ve played online slots before then, you probably have an idea about the games you want to try and those that you’re not so interested in playing just now, while a newcomer to slots might be happy to just play any game for free. Many slots tend to operate in a similar way but vary in terms of their themes and features, such as bonus rounds or whether jackpots can be claimed.

If you want to make the most of your free games, you could check out some details of the games being offered and maybe even try a demo version for free before you get started. These games now cover a wide variety of themes, but the features and the gameplay are just as important as the images, as you’ll want to play a game that captures your imagination and that you want to keep playing until the full bonus has been used up.

Check Other Available Bonuses

You might find that the offer of free spins is just one of the promotions currently available when you join a casino. Other popular deals include deposit boosts and cashback, which work something like credit card cashback in that you get money back on what you spend. So it’s a good idea to check the options before deciding whether free spins are what you really want to accept.

By taking just a moment to check out the details, you can make sure that free spins are your best option and then make the most of them as you play.

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