Having erectile dysfunction is a prevalent issue. It can frequently be reversed, with or without medication. In addition to medical care, pelvic floor exercises and relaxation methods may be helpful.

Most men can’t get an erection when they want to at least once in their lives. In severe situations, individuals could never be able to get or maintain an erection. An estimated 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), a chronic condition.

Men who were previously able to maintain an erection are the ones who suffer from ED most often. Although ED is typically curable, the likelihood of a full recovery depends on the underlying reason.

Can It Be Reversed?

Yes, it is possible to treat erectile dysfunction in many circumstances. According to a five-year research that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 29% of cases were remitted. Remember that appropriate treatment can lessen or even completely eradicate symptoms, even in cases when ED cannot be cured. Doctors have distinguished between two kinds of ED: When a man never gets an erection or maintains one, he has primary ED. This is not common. Those who previously had normal erectile function may develop secondary ED. The most prevalent kind is this one. Secondary ED is frequently transient and is reversible. Treatments for primary ED may need to be more comprehensive and medical in nature. ED may typically be treated with surgery or medication. Without the use of medicine, a person might be able to address the underlying cause and alleviate symptoms. The individual may determine the optimal course of action. Some discover that conventional therapies, including surgery or medicine, are ineffective. A penile pump, which forces blood into the penis and creates an erection, might work well for these men. There are 3 methods for it:

Short Term

These assist in getting or keeping an erection, but they do not treat the underlying cause of ED. As an illustration, cheap generic Viagra improves blood flow to the penis, which may offer momentary ED treatment. It might make erections easier for those with diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Underlying Cause

Primary care aims to address the underlying cause of ED. If clogged arteries are the cause, cardiovascular health can be improved by medication or increased exercise frequency. This could get rid of ED or lessen how often bouts occur.

Psychology Treatment

Anxiety may arise from ED, and the disorder itself may have psychiatric causes. Psychological therapies can boost confidence, lessen anxiety, and enhance sexual interactions.

Additionally, these modifications might make other treatments more likely to be successful.

Some guys discover that certain treatments don’t work because of severe sex anxiety. Taking care of this tension can enhance the outcome.

Ways to Overcome It

Consulting a physician is a good way to determine if there are any problems related to his branch. ED may be the initial indication of neurological issues, cardiovascular problems, or nerve damage brought on by diabetes. Even if ED may have a physical origin, psychological repercussions are also possible. Anxiety or self-consciousness could result from it, which could make it harder to get an erection. Therefore, a treatment strategy may incorporate both psychological and physical techniques.

Change in Lifestyle

Many conditions that contribute to ED, like diabetes and clogged arteries, can be improved by changing one’s lifestyle. Men who have unresolved medical conditions should talk to their doctors about their alternatives. Changes in lifestyle that can be beneficial include: reducing weight when needed; improving blood flow through exercise; lowering blood pressure and managing stress associated with ED by practicing relaxation techniques raising testosterone and cholesterol levels; and altering one’s diet, which may be especially beneficial for those with diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Pelvic Floor

The muscles of the pelvic floor aid in men’s ejaculation and urination. Increasing the strength of these muscles may also help with erection. Exercises targeting the pelvic floor may help men with diabetes get and sustain erections, according to thorough some assessments. Speak with a physician about pelvic floor physical therapy to find out the best exercises.


Self-esteem can be adversely affected by ED. Although it could be tough to discuss, the problem is widespread. Recognizing and talking about ED is crucial, especially when it results in anxiety or despair.

Finding the root of the issue may be made easier with the help of individual therapy. An individual can get therapy from a psychologist or psychiatrist to manage their anxiety and work through problems, which can help them get rid of ED and keep it from coming back.

Couples therapy can assist partners in exploring their emotions and figuring out positive, healthy ways to discuss ED.


Acupuncture is one complementary and alternative therapy that some men find helps with ED. Certain herbal supplements may also be beneficial, according to a preliminary study.

According to some research, ginseng formulations considerably reduced ED symptoms in the group under investigation. More study is required, however, the preparations of maca (Lepidium meyenii) and maritime pine extract (Pinus pinaster) also produced encouraging results.

Alternative medicine techniques are most safe when applied in conjunction with other therapies and under a physician’s supervision.


For ED, a wide range of drugs are effective. The most well-known medications are those that help induce an erection by increasing blood flow to the penis, such as tadalafil (Cialis) and Viagra. These can be helpful when there is a physical explanation for ED, and they can function effectively when there is no recognized cause or connection to anxiety.


Most men, even those with significant nerve loss, may get an erection by using penile pumps to drive blood into the penis. Wearing a ring can assist in retaining blood in the penis when there is significant nerve or blood vessel damage.

A mechanical device can typically assist in achieving an erection, even in cases when significant physical health concerns are present.


A physician might advise surgery if previous treatments don’t work or if ED has an anatomical basis. An instant erection-enabling gadget is implanted during the surgery. The majority of the time, surgery is successful, and problems occur at a rate of less than 5%.

Determining the cause of ED early may boost the chance of reversing it. Early intervention can often discover a dangerous medical issue. Consult a physician regarding the most appropriate course of action.

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