what is a niche

Niche marketing is like working out. Just when you are working out, you build up your muscles, you build up your stamina, and you lose weight. However, the moment you stop working out, your body starts slowly packing on the weights and slowly starts getting flabbier. That’s how it works. If you don’t put in the effort, all your hard work starts to slip.

You never stay in place. Many people have this mistaken assumption that if they work out hard enough or if they work enough at their business that things will maintain on equilibrium and then it will continue for a long period until they can put in more effort down the road. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. This law is called the law of entropy.

Things don’t remain constant; they always tend to degenerate. That’s why it’s really important when you are trying to make money in niche marketing that you have to always stay relevant in your niche. If you become irrelevant, all those list members, all that traffic you work hard to recruit, they’re going to go away. Why? They’re going to go to the relevant person.

It’s all about the old saying of “what’s in it for me.” That’s what you have to focus on. You have to give them what they are looking for, and the main thing that they are looking for is relevance. So here are some quick tips on how to stay relevant in your niche.

1. Network with other niche marketers

You may have a lot of competitors, but they don’t necessarily need to be your enemies. Network with them. Figure out what’s going on, figure out with the latest news in your niche, and be friends. People share information freely. For you to receive, you have to give. So share the stuff that you know so that you can get stuff that you didn’t know.

2. Build blog relationships

If you are using a blog platform for your niche marketing efforts, build blog relationships by doing blog exchanges, blog alliances, doing blog commenting; in other words, just get into the thick of your niche. The more data gathering you do every single day, the more you will know where your niche is headed.

3. Listen to your customers

This is the most important thing you can do. You can throw away the previous two tips but don’t screw this one up. You have to have a contact form. You have to actively put text in your messaging to your clients so can actively solicit for their feedback and for information. The more information you get from them, the more relevant your website will be. In fact, it is your users that will tell you how to stay relevant. Don’t blow this opportunity.