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You can study at the top of your class without constantly sitting at your books, forgetting about everything else. There is always room to grow, there is always room for improvement. Studying diligently will make you happy and satisfied. If you get good grades, you’ll probably be able to get into a prestigious institution of higher education, and then you can get a good job. Isn’t that great? All you have to do is learn how to get good grades! In this article, we want to tell you how to write a successful essay.

If you want to write a good essay, you need to learn how to concentrate. Yes, sometimes literally everything gets in our way: there’s a construction site outside the window, grandma’s watching TV, little brothers yelling, noise. Nevertheless, learn to overcome it and concentrate.

Take advantage of other people’s knowledge. Not in the sense of “cheating,” no! Ask friends, adults, and teachers for advice and tips, and study how others have solved this or that problem. Broaden your horizons, learn to think and act in different ways, and learning will be much easier for you.

The success of your essay depends on your choice of topic. If you are lucky with the topic, success is guaranteed. Sometimes it’s worth getting assistance from a professional to help you write. Turn to the best paper writer to be sure of your essay grade. Specialized services experts are great at all kinds of writing assignments from reports to dissertations.

Sometimes choosing an essay topic turns into a separate problem, which does not give the student peace of mind. If you find yourself faced with a choice, use the tips below.


So that students do not suffer a lot with formulating a topic on their own, the instructor often hands the group a list of ready-made topics and offers to choose a topic from it independently. This option is good because you do not have to rack your brains over the name of the topic yourself. But do not miss the moment, otherwise, you will have to choose from what remains.

More difficult is the case with the definition within the given direction. For example, the teacher gave you the assignment to prepare an essay on education in Germany. This topic is quite extensive because you can write about the structure of education, about the most popular schools, about the history of education, about a particular stage or something else. If none of the possible topics within the given direction provokes your lively response, you can choose any topic on which you can easily find material (see below).

If you are free to choose any topic yourself, pay attention to the selection criteria described below.

Criteria for choosing an essay topic

Understanding of the topic. The topic you settle on should be completely understandable to you. If you can’t grasp the meaning of the florid wording, then the work itself may become an ordeal for you.

The abundance of material. Try to find materials on the Internet on the chosen topic. If there are enough of them, they will not only be a base for the main part of the work but will also be a help for you in formulating the goals, objectives, conclusions, and other elements of the essay.

Presence of interest in the topic. If you stop at a topic that does not arouse any enthusiasm in you, the work with the essay will turn into torture. You will feel resistance every time and force yourself to do an unpleasant job. Listen to yourself. What topic resonates with you? What would you like to read and reflect on? Working on a topic like that will energize you and make you feel good. If you find the topic too boring you can order an assignment on the best essay writing service where you will get indispensable help.

The importance of the topic. Sometimes you need to choose a topic that is meaningful to your further development. This applies primarily to the core subjects of your major. You can reduce your work to a simple retelling of several books that won’t teach you anything, or you can thoroughly study some interesting material and then include your essay in your thesis or future dissertation.

Topic Potential. We don’t study so much to know a lot (it’s no secret that knowledge fades from our heads over time) but to develop a variety of skills and abilities. Many people do not like to write essays precisely because they think, “Why do I need it? I won’t be able to apply this knowledge anywhere. This is especially true of additional courses in your major. But if you treat the essay as an opportunity to learn how to state your thoughts, analyze, structure, summarize, and present the material, it will not seem such a pointless undertaking. In this regard, assess the potential of this or that topic. Is there room for creativity in it? What can you learn from working on it?

What to do if you categorically do not like the topic given by the teacher? You may well ask him to allow you to take another topic, but be prepared to justify this step. Usually, professors approve of a student’s desire to write an essay on the direction of the future final project or term paper. Of course, you should not ask your world art culture teacher to allow you to write an essay on the theory of atomic nucleus structure. But if the topics can be crossed, you will considerably deepen your knowledge of your future thesis and will be able to use it during the defense.

Do your homework. This is a mandatory and important point. Sometimes teachers do not check your homework, but even then you should motivate yourself to do it. The deeper you dive into the subject, the better. Homework is meant to help you consolidate what you have learned. If there is nothing for homework, read your notes or textbook. And if there is too much homework, delegate some of it to the best writing services to make your life easier.

Grades for homework are just as influential as grades for class work.

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