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It’s about our favorite game! And about one thorny question that may leave you sleepless. Who is the Multiversus best character? Let’s talk about it in more detail! Sit back and make some tea.

But before that, it’s worth clarifying something – the information quickly loses its relevance! And the information provided in this guide is relevant at the time of patch 1.01. With the release of updated balance patches and the addition of characters, everything can change. Follow the news!

How Mobalytics can help you

In the given link at the beginning of the article you can find a full Tier List as well as something else. Mobalytics is a service which can help you to play better in your favorite games. It is a learning machine which collects visual data and turns it into statistics so you can better understand what you lack for the victory.

The best (and worst) hero in Multiversus

For your own convenience we’ll divide the characters into Tiers:

  1. Top Tier. Bugs Bunny is the character that is best in most situations. He has some of the strongest projectiles, fairly nice and versatile abilities, and feels comfortable in most situations and modes.
  2. High tier. Here we can find some nice and almost strongest characters – Velma, Tom and Jerry, Batman, Steven Universe. Since the meta is now all about projectiles, these characters can be considered the strongest for the time being. This of course can change in the future, but as for now you can have a lot of fun playing for these characters.
  3. Lower High Tier. Characters in this Tier are quite strong and in proper hands can go to upper tier. But you won’t get many problems playing for these characters. They are all well-known from different movies and cartoons: The Iron Giant, Morty, Reindog, Wonder Woman, Shaggy, Jake the Dog, Finn the Human (yes, they had to be next to each other!), Arya Stark, Harley Quinn, Superman.
  4. Mid tier. This includes a couple of characters – Lebron and Garnet. They cannot be described as weak or useless. However, in order to achieve the same results as the characters in the tier above, they (and, accordingly, you) need to give all the best.
  5. Low tier. Taz lives here alone, deprived of destiny, and highly nerfed. After the last nerf, he became extremely unplayable so even experienced players are unable to show anything good when playing this character. Wait for some buffs and avoid Taz until the next updates.

It is also worth clarifying that this list is approximate. Even though the meta now revolves around projectiles, it all depends on how much you know your character, his strengths and weaknesses, and how you can implement them.

One last important thing about Multiversus

Games are made for fun! Right? Therefore, perhaps it is not worthwhile to chase only the best and temporarily strongest characters? Therefore, it seems to us that it is better to just have fun! After all, the author of this article at one time was constantly chasing the best and the strongest We wish you best of luck, fun and many victories!

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