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Instagram is constantly rocking the social media world with all its amazing features. Plus, everything keeps us updated. But there is this new feature that has been rocking the world of its Gen Z users: the search hashtags feature. These individuals want to keep their posts on the platform. So if you want to know everything about using this feature, you are on the right page.

Make Your Instagram Posts Trend

It is incredible to know you can tap on new features and tools that can give you a stronger presence on your favorite social media apps. After all, part of why you joined these platforms is because you want to drive as much audience to your profile as possible. What could be better than labeling your content with trendy captions and making them overflow the Instagram Explore page? 

You can use Instagram’s multiple hashtags feature to improve your content strategy and be the social media influencer you have always wanted. How do you do this? Keep on reading.

Search Hashtags On Instagram

Hashtags refer to trending words and, sometimes, phrases that precede with “#” and follow a word without a space, such as “#followme.” These hashtags are used for posts. They can lead you to garner more viewers on your posts. Everybody on social media wants to create a good impression. So these hashtags are the way. 

To properly use these hashtags, you must understand how to search hashtags on Instagram. Follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Click On The Search Icon

Launch Instagram. Then, click on the Search icon, located exactly at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Type A Hashtag On The Search Bar

A search bar will appear at the top of your screen as you click on the Search icon. Write the hashtag you want to search for—for example, #followme. 

Step 3: Choose The Hashtag Options

Once you have searched the hashtag, you can see the many options that have used a similar hashtag. 

You will see various options, such as:

  • Hashtags posts
  • Hashtags music
  • People using hashtags in their name or bio
  • Tags that are the same as the hashtags
  • Location hashtags

You can choose the options accordingly based on how you want them. If you click on the top, you can see the recent posts that have used the hashtags.

How You Can Search Multiple Hashtags On Instagram

Once you have learned how to look for hashtags on Instagram, perhaps you may be wondering how you can search multiple hashtags on the platform. There is no official feature on Instagram that you can use to search numerous hashtags on Instagram. However, you can maximize the available features on Instagram to search for multiple hashtags. 

  1. If you try to search two hashtags, for instance, #rain and #sunset, you will see a pop-up appearing on top saying, “No results found for ‘#rain and #sunset.’”
  2. Suppose you click on the options people, sound, tags, and location. You will see the hashtag search results as a combined word like #rainandsunset”.
  3. There will also be no results if you search three hashtags on Instagram. 
  4. Suppose you will write “#rain or #sunset”. You will also not find results. 
  5. You may find some results if you write “And” between the hashtags. However, if you write “Or” between the hashtags, you will not get any results.

Using Third-Party Tools To Search For Multiple Hashtags On Instagram

If the steps you learned about above do not work for you, you can use legitimate third-party tools that will help you search multiple hashtags on Instagram. One of the best tools out there is Brand24

We will go through the steps using Brand24. Let us see how you can search multiple hashtags on Instagram with the help of this tool.

Step 1: Click On Hashtag Search

Open Brand24. Then, go to the Product icon and click on the Hashtag Search option.

Step 2: Create A New Account

Once you have launched the tool, tap the Sign up for free icon. 

Step 3: Search For Multiple Hashtags

Now, you can start writing multiple hashtags in the box you want to search for them. 

Step 4: Choose The Language

Once you have written the multiple hashtags, the following step is to choose the language. For instance, you want to select English. Click the menu to show a drop-down, and you will see a list of the languages. 

Then, click on the Create project icon.

Step 5: Connect Instagram

By this time, you will see Brand24 starting to search the hashtags you have written. 

Once the results have been collected, you must connect Instagram to Brand24 to see the results. 

Step 6: Tap On The Active Button

Then, tap on the Active button shown below the Instagram icon. 

Afterward, connect Facebook and Instagram by clicking on the icon Manage Facebook/Instagram connection. 

Step 7: View The Final Result

Lastly, view the results by going through the project, where you can see multiple hashtags on Instagram since you used the Brand24 tool. 

Be The Instagram Influencer You Have Always Dreamed To Be

Be the influencer you have always wanted to be. Start using trendy hashtags for your content, so you can make them unique and engaging for your audience. Right now, Instagram has limited features when it comes to multiple hashtags searches, but you can use other tools to make this happen, such as the tool you learned about above. 

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