“WWE 2K24” is still set for launch this March, but “WWE 2K25” is already creating some buzz. “WWE Raw” Cody Rhodes, who is blessed to be the cover of “WWE 2K24 Standard Edition,” recently said he doesn’t want to be the cover for “WWE 2K25” anymore if he cannot “finish the story.” 

‘Finish Your Story’

If you are a wrestling fan, particularly “WWE,” it is highly recommended that you expand the horizons of your passion for this sport by playing the WWE game series. Believe us, it’s not yet too late, and you won’t regret it.

Set for release this March 8th, “WWE 2K24” from Visual Concepts and 2K is the 24th installment of the video game series based on “WWE” and the 11th game under the WWE 2K banner. It is the successor to “WWE 2K23.”

As for what you can expect in the game, there are only speculations for now, despite its nearing release. First, there will be new modes and features, such as an exciting new match type.

Second, fans also hope there will be improvements in the MyGM management mode from “WWE 2K23.” There will also be new wrestling superstars, and the game will stay true to the core WWE gaming experience.

What’s official now is that “WWE 2K24” has a slogan that reads, “Finish Your Story.” This is the exact same phrase that Cody Rhodes uses whenever he appears on the ring. In the game, this branding encourages the players to finish their own WWE stories. Cody Rhodes is the official cover image of “WWE 2K24 Standard Edition.”

Cody Rhodes doesn’t want to be bought

Cody Rhodes is, of course, grateful for this opportunity, but with a side comment from him. Apparently, he doesn’t want to be bought for “WWE 2K25” if he doesn’t finish his story. Quite witty.

The wrestler said, “If I haven’t finished the story by ‘WWE 2K25,’ don’t bring me back for the commercial,” said Rhodes. “Don’t put me on the cover, don’t put me anywhere near it. I won’t deserve it. But it’s fun that this is happening in real-time, and we all get to experience it together.”

Along with this statement, he also revealed his future plans.  

“I’m looking at ‘WrestleMania 40’ –- in my favorite city to wrestle, right next to Wells Fargo Center, where the fans decided to get behind me at a random Money in the Bank –- wrestling in front of fans from all over the world, that’s a good place to be. It’s going to be special. I’m looking forward to celebrating 40 years of WrestleMania, especially because it’s in Philly.”

You can play “WWE 2K24” on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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