What are email open rates?

It is the percentage of your total subscribers who opened your email. The average email open rate is 15% to 17%.

Email open rates are critical metrics to measure the success of your email campaigns. To optimize email, open rates are of prime importance to drive meaningful conversions.

Reasons for low email open rates?

If your email open rates are below the average, it is high time to re-check your email marketing strategy.

The most common reasons for poor email rates are poor quality of the email list, irrelevant email copies, and boring subject lines.

To optimize all the above-mentioned aspects can sky-rocket your email open rates. However, the first step is to run a health check on your email database.

Effect of a poor email list on email open rates?

The poor quality of an email list costs you in terms of money, subscribers, email deliverability, and a negative image (Typically a spammer) in the eyes of ISPs.

An email list requires to be cleaned on a regular basis as the inactive email accounts are converted as a spam trap by email service providers.

Here is the number of inactive days allowed by major inbox providers. After that, an email account gets converted into recycled traps.

  • Outlook – 270 days
  • Gmail – 270 days
  • Yahoo – 180 days
  • AOL – 90 days

Emailing to just one such account will bring down the email deliverability rate drastically. Also, there are catchall, disposable, and role-based email accounts in a mailing list that impacts the email open rates.

How to improve email list hygiene?

The key to a healthy email list is to collect a valid email address and remove the bad emails from the list regularly. The bad emails are the ones that are not active or bounce back.

Follow double opt-in

Double opt-in a process where an email subscriber will have to verify the email account for getting into your mailing list. The double opt-in is a good method that ensures if a subscriber is really interested in getting your email content into their inboxes.

An email list built with a double opt-in process has shown a better email open rate.

Segment an email list

Email list segmentation is a driving force behind exceptional email open rates. Segmenting your email subscribers by their behaviors and interest will keep them interested in your email campaigns.

With a segmented email list, you can send highly targeted email campaigns that drive email open rates.

Real-time email verification APIs (For collecting valid emails)

To collect valid email accounts, during the sign-up or checkouts, keeps your email list free from all the disposable emails that are being used to pass the sign-up process.

Real-time email verification APIs, are helpful in validating the email addresses right at the point of entry.

Email list verification (For maintaining a healthy email list)

Even after following all the steps like double opt-in and real-time verification, your email list can still consist of certain bad elements that require a deep clean.

As said earlier, an email list will have all kinds of emails, including valid, invalid, spam-trap, catchall, disposable, and role-based email accounts. Apart from valid and deliverable email accounts, all the bad emails must get-off from your email database.

Email list verification services like EmailChecker are an easy solution to clean an email list in no time. By verifying your email list before sending out the email campaigns, your hard bounces will be on the lower side and help you hit more inboxes.

You have a valid email list, What’s next?

Once you have a verified email list, the next things to focus on are writing clickable subject lines and compelling email copies.

The subject lines are the first thing seen by your email subscribers. With a short attention span, it is important to write an email subject line that is good enough to win a click from your subscribers.

There are a lot of tools that help you in writing the subject lines. But, keeping it short and informative always wins.

Take time to write a compelling email message with relevant call-to-actions that can drive conversions from the email campaigns. Based on your email list segmentation, you should be able to write targeted email copies for different groups of your subscribers.

To conclude, the key elements to boost email open rates are the quality of your email list, subject lines, and email content. Optimizing them will not only improve your email open rates but also improves overall email deliverability.