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Online slot machine games are hugely popular, and this is not a witch-hunt to condemn them, rather reveal to players how they actually work. There are thousands of online options in the category of slots and played without any care in the world with the 100-million-plus players that are online every day across the world. With a bit of insight into how the games are made, we may just help to show a bigger picture of the slot game that goes unknown and can help players pick their next games more wisely next time they log in to play some online slots.

The world of online slot machines

So, how are online slots generally preserved? Well, the common conception is that slots are rigged, to a degree this is not a too far-off statement, rigged might be a tad harsh, but they certainly are made with programming logistics that give a casino a greater edge over winning than the players.

Slots are easy games to play, this adds to their popularity, the rules are as simple as they get, hit the spin button, the reels rotate, and wins are paid out if you align symbols on the reels. The games can feature bonus rounds and jackpots to be won.

That’s slot games in their most basic form. Now, winning is thought to be something that is pure luck and this is, again, somewhat true, but what is luck if the game is built of a program based on measures to make sure it doesn’t payout every 10 minutes.

It is a complex world of gaming when looking at slot machines online so why should players even consider playing them?

How can you make the best of slot features?

There are a number of answers to this question but the most general one comes back to the programming and how games are built and are synchronized with the casino’s management tool. Now, that may already sound like a lot to digest, but we will go through each one of these areas in turn. For now, we will let the Editor-in-Chief of onlinecasinonewzealand.nz to discuss how players can play slots in the most advantageous way if they know what to look for and the advice they give to Kiwi players that use their website.

“Slots are actually a fascinating topic when you delve into the technical aspects of the game. We tell our users in New Zealand that there is more to slots than just hitting the spin button. There is a system at play that players of a casino cannot see, and it happens inside of all the online casinos. Once you know the system, you really see the games for what they are.

“Most people online still aren’t aware that slot games are the biggest player vs. player games to date. It’s all about winning big before someone else gets there. The idea or gaming concept that it is you against the casino is an old concept that no longer applies to the online world of gambling and we feel the information we have passed onto our user has helped them to play better online.”

So, hidden systems, linked networks, casino management tools, what does all this mean?

The gaming development of slots

Online slots are built with algorithms. These control a number of facets of the machine. The RTP or Return to Player will control what proportion of the money put into the game by players is paid out and what is kept by the casino as profit. The typical RTP score is about 96%, thusly, a casino will averagely keep 4% of all monies deposited into all slot games, on average. So, the algorithm will also control when payments can be won and lost. Otherwise, if the jackpot pays out too frequently, there will be a drop in the value of the 4% kept by the casino. Also, the game needs to recoup the money to be able to pay out such high jackpot amounts.

The currency used doesn’t have too much of an effect, so cryptocurrency users have just the same chances of winning as those playing with other forms of currency.

Slots are also linked to a casino’s management tool so that it can store data that can perform a number of tasks from storing data to reconnecting players to games when the internet or Wi-Fi connection cuts.

But let’s take a closer look to see what is hidden from the view of players.

How casino data management works

The management tool is inside of every online casino so is unavoidable. It serves many purposes but mainly data storage. When it comes to playing online slots, it will log how much you deposit on average, how long you play for, your favorite games, how much you win, and how much you lose, it knows how you play and is able to recognize the pattern. It knows if you prefer to play Microgaming slots over Playtech slots. All that you do is imputed into the management tool. This means that the games are hardwired into this system and there is a back-and-forth relay of information.

In conjunction with the slots algorithms, the system effectively knows when you will win and when you will lose. A mistake of players is actually from giving up too soon when they play.

So, is it luck or not?

Is it really luck?

Rule number one of slot gaming is to not give up, now this doesn’t mean you need to play 24/7 nonstop until you land a big win. Wins will come because the algorithms will make it happen. Remember all these games are tested and approved by regulators. If the RTP of a game is paying back 96%, then it will, just perhaps not when you expect it.

Here is a scenario that is commonly played out. A player will deposit money, pick a slot and play. After 10 minutes and $10 gone, nothing has been won and that player gives up and never plays again. Well, this is because either the RTP is too low or the volatility of the game is too high. So, always make sure to research the RTP score which can be found in the gaming details and look for the volatility and try to avoid High Volatility games if you are on a gaming budget.

The lower the volatility the more frequent the game will payout and the higher the RTP the greater the return. Now, as you play the management tool is recording what you spend, and this data is shared to the game and from the game to the tool. When you have paid the RTP average, that is when you can expect a payout.

Often is the case that players who put in hundreds will win a large percentage of it back the following week.

What this all means about playing slot games

There are a number of factors to think about so let’s break these down into understandable pieces.

  • Do not overplay the slot market, stick to a few games to circulate your money and enjoyment. If you put money into too many games, you need to play them all over a longer period of time to meet up with their RTP rate so it can payout. Makes it a lot harder with 10+ games.
  • It is recommended to play Must Drop Jackpot games because you have a countdown of when jackpots will drop and when players are pumping money into a game in hopes of winning the jackpot, more money is paid out.
  • Play popular and newly released games, rather than old titles. Again, working with the theory that popular games get more money put into them, thus, hitting RTP levels quicker and making for more frequent payouts.
  • Become aware of gaming volatility. There are three levels – low, medium, and high. Medium is ideal for those that want frequent wins at a profitable rate. Either side and gaming will tend to be either unprofitable or costly.
  • Learn of your developers and this will give you better ideas of what RTPs they use and what volatility they make their games to. Software knowledge really is a key to unlock more awareness of how games are made and who makes the best ones.

With these principles in place, you will have a far better advantage over gung-ho players that aren’t aware of the gaming facts we have presented to you here.

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