2021 was a big year for cryptocurrency, so much so that people are now left wondering what 2022 has in store for this unpredictable industry. More than 100 new projects are created daily, and approximately 80 cryptocurrencies are reaching market capitalizations of about $1 billion. At this point, it’s clear that the crypto market isn’t only attracting potential investors.

Crypto has permeated our everyday lives, even incorporating itself into various industries. One particular industry that got the crypto market excited is the gaming sector. The gaming market is currently valued at $173.70 billion, but it’s expected to go much higher by 2025 at around $314.4 billion.

However, this estimated figure still doesn’t include the DeFi gaming sector, which is also rapidly increasing during this time. These days, gamers don’t play games only for entertainment but as a source of income by streaming their playthroughs. Blockchain technology makes this even more convenient because gamers can earn while playing via in-game currency and NFTs.

In this case, NFTs come in various in-game features like characters, cosmetics, or even land. These are proven to be quite popular among crypto gamers. For instance, a piece of metaverse land recently sold more than $106 million in December 2021.

Now, another company is looking to take innovation to a whole different level by combining the metaverse with RPG gaming. SkyArk, the developer of SkyArk Chronicles, wants to revolutionize the gaming industry with the help of Dapps and Game-Fi. SkyArk Chronicles is still currently in the works, but it has already sparked the attention of many.


Why SkyArk Will Go Places in This Industry

SkyArk is an up-and-coming decentralized finance (DeFi) gaming company that recently caught the gaming industry’s attention. The company specializes in developing Dapps and consists of some of the best dev teams in the crypto world. SkyArk wants to take DeFi gaming to another level by developing triple-A games that appeal to gamers.

The company is currently developing its first game called SkyArk Chronicles, composed of three games entitled House of Heroes, Legends Arise, and Mirroverse. These games will come with interoperable NFTs that players can use across the three games. To achieve this kind of functionality, SkyArk is creating a unique NFT Game Engine that can seamlessly connect each game.

Although the gaming market is currently setting its eyes on the new play-to-earn model, SkyArk wants to develop a game that gives people a real reason to keep playing. The team notes that although gamers can earn an income through gaming these days, they don’t want income to be the only reason people keep playing their games.

Rather, SkyArk plans on blending income potential and truly exciting and immersive gameplay. Something similar to the popular GTA franchise, only you’ll be earning real money simultaneously.

What to Expect From SkyArk Chronicles

As mentioned, SkyArk is currently working on SkyArt Chronicles, which is expected to release this year. Composed of three different games, SkyArk Chronicles is a fantasy-verse anime RPG where players are tasked to find Satoshi Nakamoto. Each player will discover a fun and unique storyline along with various mysteries while they set out on this new adventure.

Players can also create and customize their characters to develop and upgrade as they keep playing. They can also earn other NFT rewards and even SkyArk ($SAR), the currency the game uses. As soon as players earn these rewards, there are a couple of options available: they can either stake them for even more rewards, trade them on the marketplace or save them so they can buy powerups and better items in-game.

SkyArk Chronicles players can also earn another currency known as the Relic Energy Ore ($REO), which they can earn by killing monsters and accomplishing missions. Players can use this currency to buy powerups and features for their characters like collectibles, attributes, and levels.



SkyArk wants to promote cooperation among players, so there will be guilds available in SkyArk Chronicles. Players can create guilds with their friends or even with players they only met in-game. While you can always play solo, playing with a group and cooperating with them adds a completely new layer to RPG games such as SkyArk Chronicles. By fighting powerful monsters together, your team can acquire amazing items, powerups, and more.


While developing SkyArk Chronicles, the team at SkyArk considered every type of player out there to ensure that the RPG title caters to various gamers. Not only can players explore a fun new world while simultaneously earning an income, but SkyArk Chronicles also allows them to own a piece of land in the game.

These lands, known as the SkyLands, allows you to create cities or farms and even mine the area for resources. Players can sell those resources in exchange for in-game currency, allowing them to level up their characters quickly. If you choose to explore rather than stay in your land, you can even lease your land to other players to earn an income.


There’s undoubtedly a lot of hype surrounding SkyArk’s current project, especially since the three games in development are most likely revolutionary, as the company is looking to break the boundaries in blockchain gaming. SkyArk Chronicles is expected to release sometime this 2022, and we have yet to see how well the team meets the gaming industry’s expectations.

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