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If you’re a fan of free streaming sites like Moviesda, you’re probably also familiar with iBOMMA. It’s an online platform that works quite similarly to Moviesda, as it also offers unauthorized songs and movies for free to its visitors. With sites like iBOMMA, blockbuster movies are finally more accessible to anyone, especially those who don’t want to subscribe to streaming services like Netflix.

However, have you ever considered the repercussions of digital piracy? Not only does digital piracy hurt the movie and entertainment industry, but you could also potentially put your private data in jeopardy. 

This article will talk more about iBOMMA and how sites like it are damaging the industry.

What Is iBOMMA?

Suppose you’re looking for the latest Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies. In that case, iBOMMA could be your go-to destination for such content. The platform has an expansive collection of high-quality movies, shows, and songs that are regularly updated. Sounds perfect, right? The only catch is that iBOMMA is an illegal streaming platform. 

However, the site makes it extremely easy for visitors to view its content, especially since it is optimized for smartphones. It even allows you to control the quality of the video you’re downloading and lower the resolution to speed up the download times. 

When given a free option, it doesn’t come as a surprise that people would flock to these sites rather than pay a monthly subscription. However, little do they know that their actions are hurting the industry behind the scenes.

Song and Movie Leaks on iBOMMA

As mentioned, iBOMMA is most famous for uploading songs and music. Specifically, it hosts a vast collection of Tamil and Hindi songs. As for its library of movies, you’ll find films featuring renowned figures such as Rajnikanth and Dhanush. Some of the more recent uploads include Jasmine, 2.0, and Aayiram Porkasugal.

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Will iBOMMA Be Online for Long?

We know that the entertainment industry is doing its best to crack down on digital pirates, so we doubt that iBOMMA will be up for a long time. We believe that copyright enforcers will remove the site anytime soon. It won’t come as a surprise if it changes its site name or domain name, which is how many free movie streaming sites prolong the legal process.

What Are the Risks of Illegal Streaming?

You’re probably aware of this, but illegal streaming sites typically aren’t secure. Most of the time, the site owners don’t use cutting-edge security, especially since these sites don’t last for very long anyway. In other words, these illegal streaming platforms don’t follow the same regulations and standards that legal websites operate by.

If you’re thinking about accessing websites like iBOMMA, we recommend that you think twice. Here are some of the risks you’ll want to keep in mind. Hopefully, these concerns will deter you from wanting to stream or download unauthorized content from the internet.

Accidental Torrent Downloads

Most authorities will turn a blind eye to illegal streaming. However, downloading illegal content is an entirely different story. In other words, this means that torrenting movies and shows could land you in big trouble, not to mention that torrents are traceable. 

Even if you plan to stick to streaming online, streaming sites like iBOMMA can be incredibly fussy. One wrong click and you could find yourself accidentally downloading a movie, which could land you in serious legal trouble.

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Malicious Software

Another serious concern that comes with illegal streaming is malicious software. It’s not unheard of for websites like iBOMMA to be full of nasty viruses that could seriously damage your device. Have you noticed how free streaming websites are full of pop-up ads? These sites are breeding grounds for malware, spyware, and the like.

Even if you don’t click on any links, there’s a possibility that the malware will download itself into your device.

Data Leaks

Websites typically ask you to log in or create an account on their platform, especially when using their services. However, as mentioned, these sites don’t invest a lot in security. These sites may sell off your personal information to third-party organizations for some extra income.

Besides, even if they don’t sell off your information, the fact remains that the site’s security isn’t the best. In other words, hackers could easily access and steal your information with little-to-no effort, thanks to inadequate security measures. 

Piracy Is Essentially Theft

As we’re probably all aware, there are clear laws regarding the use of purchased content. In general, purchasing content means listening, playing, reading, or using that content for personal activities is allowed. You cross the boundary of legality once you copy, share, trade, or make money off of it. For instance, piracy is like buying or renting a movie and asking people to pay you for watching it themselves.

If you copy any content without the permission and approval of the original creator or owner is stealing. If you do this activity, you are a digital pirate, and you are violating copyright laws. 


While it’s tempting to choose the free yet illegal option, it’s best to walk the legal path from the get-go and avoid having to go through any trouble later down the road. By subscribing to major streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon, not only are you helping the entertainment industry, you’re also ensuring that you’re safe from malware.

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