The metaverse’s momentum is at an all-time high. While tech behemoths like Meta, Apple, and Microsoft scramble to stake their claim on the immersive internet, there is plenty of action going on in the crypto realm as well. Their perspective, on the other hand, is decentralized.

Velhalla is the most recent addition to the cause. Let’s look at what Velhalla is and how it affects things.

What exactly is the Velhalla metaverse?

Velhalla is a new metaverse project set in the world of popular Viking mythology.


It is based on the Velas blockchain and promises a thrilling gaming experience unlike any other. You can participate in a range of exciting events that will be revealed as the project unfolds.

First, you can buy and sell land in the same way you would on Decentraland or Sandbox. You may customize your avatar with costumes and accessories. According to the website, you can even buy characters. As a play-to-earn platform, it rewards users with tokens and NFTs in exchange for their time spent in the metaverse.

Bluezilla is the incubator of Velhalla. It has a long list of successful projects under its belt, including BSCPad, VelasPad, NFT Launch, and Game Zone, to name a few.

Velas’ reimagining of Valhalla


Velhalla is a combination of the words ‘Vel’ from Velas and ‘Halla’ from Valhalla. If you’re familiar with Norse mythology (or Marvel Comics), you’ve probably figured out what the game is about by now. Valhalla is the hall of the fallen, a grand, massive hall in Asgard controlled by Odin. It is a facility for those who have died in the line of duty.

The Velhalla metaverse transports the Valhalla to a futuristic, mystical world enriched by cyberpunk aesthetics and hypnotic storytelling. As you traverse the globe in ultra-futuristic gears, you can build dungeons, earn crypto, and collect NFTs. To put it another way, you get paid to play a cutting-edge video game from the comfort of your couch. In the metaverse, you will not be alone. You’ll be surrounded by mutants, cyborgs, and Vikings.

How exactly does it work?


As with most video games, the ultimate goal is to secure your belongings while adding to them by sourcing (stealing) from others. To be more specific, raid other players’ dungeons to gain extra rewards. At the same time, keep raiders away from your dungeon. You can even organize guilds with other players to collect extra assets.

The winner receives the prizes.

A growing array of maps, traps, and riches will be available to both aid and hinder players. As you progress through the game, you will be able to upgrade your characters, obtain new outfits, and empower yourself with new weaponry. The in-game assets you purchased or looted can also be traded on the Velhalla NFT marketplace.

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