We’ve been spoiling you with so much content about “Pokémon GO,” and this time, we’re sharing another update about the game, which you will surely love. Note that we’re emphasizing “love” as we mean it, like literally!

“Pokémon GO” celebrates Valentine’s Day with its Carnival of Love event. Here’s everything you need to know about the event, the research guide and rewards, plus more. 

What Is ‘Pokémon GO’s’ Carnival Of Love?

“Pokémon GO’s” Carnival of Love speaks for itself. Festivities? You got it! Festivities in romantic style. This 2024 event in-game is in celebration of Valentine’s Day. It has actually started yesterday, February 13th, and will run until Thursday, February 15th. So be sure not to miss this. 

Between those dates, you can participate in quests to receive special rewards, which might include a Shiny Pokémon!

“Grab your favorite dance partner, Trainers, because Shiny Oricorio is boogeying its way into ‘Pokémon GO’ to celebrate the Carnival of Love! … You can bask in the beauty of event bonuses, such as an increased chance to receive Candy XL when walking with your buddy and two guaranteed Candy XL for evolving Pokémon,” the game said in its official statement. “Dress your favorite Furfrou for the occasion in a darling Heart Trim by using the Change Form button on its summary page.”

Field Research Tasks And Rewards

The Carnival of Love 2024 event features a Field Research quest with six tasks. Accomplishing all these tasks makes you eligible to get multiple rewards. There’s even a chance that the Pokémon you will win is a Shiny Spinda with a heart pattern – perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Catch 5 Pokémons

  • Snubbull Encounter (Shiny Available)
  • Stufful Encounter (Shiny Available)

Catch 10 Pokémons

  • Furfrou Encounter (Shiny Available)
  • Luvdisc Encounter (Shiny Available)
  • Sinnoh Stone ×1

Make 5 Great Curveball Throws In A Row

  • Earn a Candy walking with the Buddy Pokémon 
  • Roselia Encounter (Shiny Available)
  • Spinda with a heart pattern Encounter (Shiny Available)

Spin 5 PokéStops Or Gyms

  • Poké Ball ×5
  • Stardust ×200
  • Super Potion ×2

Trade A Pokémon 

  • Clamperl Encounter (Shiny Available)

Timed Research Quest

But wait, there’s more! The event also features a Timed Research quest, though you must pay around $1 to access this quest. Be sure also to complete it before the event ends on February 15th. Here are the details.

  • Make a great Curveball throw – Spinda with a heart pattern Encounter
  • Consecutively make two great Curveball throws – Spinda with a heart pattern Encounter, too
  • Consecutively make three great Curveball throws – Again, a Spinda with a heart pattern Encounter
  • Consecutively make four great Curveball throws – Also a Spinda with a heart pattern Encounter
  • Consecutively make five great Curveball Throws – Spinda with a heart pattern Encounter


Upon completion, you will receive the following rewards: two Incense, 5000 XP, and 2,500 Stardust. Worth it? Yes.

More Surprises

Love is in the air in “Pokémon GO” with more perks you can get during this event!

  • The Luvdisc Tambourine Pose is a new avatar item you can purchase.
  • Watch out for Showcases at various PokéStops during the Valentine’s Day event, where you can enter event-themed Pokémon. Trainers can enter their biggest Buddy Pokémon!
  • Are you located in Brazil? Earn twice the XP for catching Pokémon during the Carnival of Love 2024 event in celebration of the country’s Carnival. 
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