Square Enix Releasing Just Cause Mobile Version Next Year

Square Enix has revealed that Just Cause is developing the franchise into mobile gaming territory which will feature a 4-player coop as well as a 30-player competitive multiplayer. The announcement was revealed during the recently concluded The Game Awards 2020.

Just Cause Mobile will be a free-to-play title of the past Just Cause games. One major feature of the mobile port is the debut of a multiplayer mode for the first time, giving players access to play with friends or battle against them in various open-world settings.

The game is set to arrive on Android and iOS devices. Players will take on the role of the Firebrand program as they fight against the Darkwater corporation. Players might feel disappointed that the main character of the series, Rico, will not be included in the mobile title but the merciless multiplayer mode should compensate for this.

As is usual of the Just Cause franchise, players are safe to expect that there will be no scarcity of grappling hooks and explosions. The mobile edition depicts the first time that Square Enix is integrating a multiplayer mode in any official Just Cause title.

The announcement follows unrelenting speculations that Just Cause 5 may already be in development just a few years following the launch of the fourth entry to the series. After its initial launch back in 2006, the game has gone to sell more than a million copies across the world. Earlier, the franchise has only ever released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

According to Square Enix, the multiplayer mode will be capable of hosting as many as 30 players. Other features will include four unique game modes and 4-player coop missions. One of the announced game modes will be a horde mode in which players must defend themselves against massive numbers of enemy waves spawning around them.


The multiplayer mode is called “Triple Threat” and it will pit three teams of 10 fighting against each other. Participants will have to communicate offensively as well as defensively to plan strategies with their teammates to capture as many bases as possible before their enemies do.

The mobile app will be totally free to download. The visuals will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and focus on responsive touch controls. Players will be able to use a plethora of transportation options such as grapple, wingsuit, and parachute.

Earlier this month, Avalanche Studios founder and Just Cause innovator Christofer Sundberg announced that he is going to open a new gaming studio, the most recent in an increasing number of expert game developers founding new gaming studios.

There are strong implications that this transition could prove to be a successful one, as the mobile gaming industry continues to progress. The ultra-successful Genshin Impact has already made almost $400 million on its mobile port alone.

Just Cause is famous enough to have its own community of committed fans. There are certain to follow the game even if it is on mobile and this new transition opens the opportunity to a new base of fans as well.

All brands, products, services, and companies face the consistent challenge of staying relevant especially in the video gaming industry. Square Enix’s decision to launch a Just Cause mobile game might be a clever financial move and start to chart a new horizon for action-adventure games

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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