Many have wondered when Kanye West plans on releasing NFTs, but those interested fans shouldn’t get their hopes up anytime soon. In fact, they should probably stop asking him. In a recent Instagram post, the famous rapper took a photo of a handwritten note informing the public what his NFTs plans are, which are none. At the end of the note, he wrote, “Do not ask me to do a fucking NFT.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that fans have been wondering when the rapper and fashion designer would start dropping non-fungible tokens. After all, the music industry has completely jumped on the NFT wagon, and artists like Grimes and Kings of Leon also have NFT versions of their albums.

The hip-hop scene, especially, has several rappers also joining the NFT in some way. For instance, big-time names like Eminem, KSI, Future, DJ Khaled, Rich the Kid, and Post Malone have all purchased the expensive NFTs called Bored Ape Yacht Club.

On the other hand, Timbaland took it up a notch by creating and launching a production company specifically for musicians who purchased Bored Ape NFTs. DJ Justin “3LAU” Blau also launched a new music NFT platform called Royals, and Nas is the first musician to mint two new singles into NFTs.

As for Kanye, he doesn’t want anything to do with the NFT craze for now. However, he may be open to the idea in the future because he added “Ask me later” at the very end.

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