Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide: Choices To Make At The Start Of The Game

Every mainline Kingdom Hearts game begins with a relatively similar tutorial portion. You’re taught the ropes in a gorgeous stained-glass setting and given a few simple mobs to swing your keyblade at before entering the game.

You’ll also be asked a series of questions that will decide Sora’s stats, skills, and one other aspect of the Re: Mind DLC’s features. If this is your first time playing Kingdom Hearts 3, or if you want to know more about what these choices represent, we’ll walk you through the options available at the start.

During the instructional part of Kingdom Hearts 3, you will be offered two or three options, as previously stated. A third option will appear if you have acquired the Re: Mind DLC, though the first two are still the most significant for Sora’s stats.

Wisdom, Vitality, Or Balance


Your first option is phrased cryptically, asking what you want most, but it’s luckily not all that cryptic when you look at the options available. Wisdom, Vitality, and Balance are your options. You probably already know which one will improve various numbers, but here’s the breakdown in technical terms:

  • Wisdom: Selecting this option will increase Sora’s beginning magic level, giving him 90 HP and 120 MP.
  • Vitality: This is the polar opposite of Wisdom, giving 120 HP but only 100 MP.
  • Balance: You’ll finish up with 105 HP and 110 MP, which isn’t exactly as equal as the name indicates.

Wisdom is the greatest choice if you know how to maximize magic in combat because of how potent magic is in Kingdom Hearts 3. Vitality will suffice if you’re mostly a melee player who only casts the odd cure.

Guardian, Warrior, Or Mystic


As you level up and proceed through the game, your next decision will influence which skills Sora will learn. Because they are all suited to distinct playstyles, this is the most subjective question to answer. You’ll probably want to pick one that complements the previous one you produced for the best results. The following is a breakdown of how they work:

  • Mystic: You’ll get skills that reduce the amount of magic you use.
  • Warrior: Adds one hit to your ground combo string.
  • Guardian: When your HP is low, it buffs your defensive stat.

These options won’t have as much of an influence on your entire run as the first, but choose the one that best fits your ideal build as a caster, DPS, or tank.

Usual, Easy, Or Challenging Adventure


With the release of the Re: Mind DLC, a new feature called the Premium Menu was added, allowing you to change the game’s difficulty beyond the standard settings of normal, proud, and critical. They can be used to increase or decrease the difficulty. Here’s what each option entails:

  • Usual Adventure: This is essentially deleting the Premium Menu and playing Kingdom Hearts 3 as if it were the standard edition.
  • Easy Adventure: The Premium Menu has settings that may be turned on to reduce the difficulty in various ways.
  • Challenging Adventure: Selecting this option grants access to the Premium Menu, which can significantly increase the game’s difficulty. This is obviously suggested for seasoned gamers who are playing the game for the second or third time.
Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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