Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Preorders now live

Kingdom Hearts fans are getting the time of their lives as of late with Kingdom Hearts 3 finally getting released last year and a DLC expansion that arrived earlier this year. Now, the epic story continues with Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory which will be hitting stores on November 13 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Today, the game is now up for preorders at your favorite retailer store.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is a rhythm-action game similar to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy where players move along a track and perform timing-based attacks to Disney and Kingdom Hearts songs.

The game will feature over 140 songs from the Kingdom Hearts franchise itself and its gameplay takes players across the Disney universe including Atlantica, Agrabah, and series favorites such as Twilight Town.

Fans will get to play over 20 various characters from the Kingdom Hearts franchise including Mulan, Aladdin, Roxas, Goofy, Donald, and Sora. Even though Melody of Memory is a spin-off, the game will reveal the story of Kairi after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3. Fans can choose to play a level on solo mode or with a friend in coop mode.

Outside the main campaign, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will have features including an online battle mode and the Switch version will support up to eight players connected simultaneously in local multiplayer for its Free-For-All mode.

Preorder Bonus

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory preorders is now available for both digital and physical editions. However, preorder bonuses are only exclusively available via the PlayStation Store.

Players who preorder the digital PlayStation 4 edition via the PlayStation Store will get a limited Melody of Memory PlayStation theme which can be unlocked during the game’s release date.


Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory currently only has one version and is worth $60 for both physical and digital formats on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. As of writing, physical copies are only available via preorder on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Digital copy preorders can be purchased at the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, and Nintendo Switch eShop.

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