Kyo Kusanagi Debut Featured In New King of Fighters 15 Trailer

There is still a ton about King of Fighters 15 that is being kept a secret, but developer SNK has managed to release new character trailers regularly since the game’s official announcement. So far, between the very first trailer and the character-focused trailers, nine characters have been revealed, with the most recent being Kyo Kusanagi.

Kyo’s addition is barely shocking. Even if the original reveal trailer didn’t confirm his addition, he was essentially assured to make a playable appearance since he has been a series staple since the very first King of Fighters 15 game in 1994. He’s probably the closest thing the franchise has to a mascot and was the main protagonist of the title for a while. Beginning with King of Fighters 14, though, the role has been passed to Shun’ei.


After the last installment saw his design take a somewhat significant change, he now sports a more classic look in the new trailer that nearly looks like his school uniform, though it keeps some elements from his King of Fighters 14 appearance.

The new trailer, like all the past ones, is extremely short, providing very quick peeks at some of his moveset. His attack appears to have a lot of impact behind them and he even has new flaming effects for his fire moves that deform the scenery around them to stress their powerful heat.

The trailer also features cuts from the game’s story mode, as there are snippets involving Kyo fighting with his archenemy Iori Yagami. Considering their history, it’d be no surprise to see them get wrapped up with each other throughout the course of the story. However, possibly the biggest question on everyone’s minds is what team Kyo will be a part of.

Typically, Kyo has served as the leader of a team composed of himself, Benimaru Nikaido, and Goro Daimon. However, for King of Fighters 15, Benimaru is instead joining the team of Meitenkun and Shun’ei to form Team Hero.

As the last two trailers were for Fatal Fury character Joe Higashi and Iori Yagami, some fans questioned if maybe Kyo would be teaming up with those two, which would be a very peculiar and shocking team composition. However, since Kyo’s trailer doesn’t end with a team confirmation, who he will be teaming up with remains a secret for the time being.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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