League of Legends Introduces Newest Champion: Seraphine

The newest champion in League of Legends and K/DA superstar Seraphine has long been teased by Riot Games. Here’s every detail about the newest character to be included in the League of Legends roster.

It has been a few months since the League of Legends gaming community found out about @saradotway’s Twitter account. It didn’t take long for fans to deduce that the account was actually owned by Riot Games and was dedicated to League of Champions champion number 152.

Now, fans know that the character Seraphine is also a member of the popular K/DA – a K-pop girl group consisting of themed versions of League of Legends characters.


Based on her skills, Seraphine seems to be more of an all-around player. She can be a decent support character thanks to her passive skill “Echo” which allows her allies to cast their abilities twice.

Her W skill is a shield ability that protects all her nearby allies. Aside from this, the ability also grants improved move speed to her champion allies. Seraphine can also heal her allies as long as their shield is active.

Besides her support skills, Seraphine can also dish out damage to her enemies. Her E ability deals magic damage to enemies in an area and slows them down. Her Q ability also deals with magic damage in a particular area and the damage increases as the affected enemies’ life go down. Meanwhile, her ultimate skill charms enemies for four seconds while also dealing with massive magic damage.

While Riot Games haven’t officially revealed her abilities yet, the leak sources are hard to discredit. Pixelbutt posted in his Twitter account leaked details which came from datamining sessions from the Wild Rift game files. If it came from Wild Rift, it is most likely that these abilities are authentic.

K/DA popstar

The only thing confirmed about Seraphine is that she will be part of the K/DA in-game girl group. The new character’s Twitter account confirms this detail based on a post made last month. Riot Games depicts her as an artist with “big dreams” as well as an “aspiring songwriter and producer.”

Thanks to her affiliation with the K-pop group, the character will be launched with an exclusive skin. The skin will have three levels similar to other K/DA members including Indie, Rising Star, and Superstar.

Aside from this, Seraphine was also seen in at least one promotional advertisement for the group along with the rest of the members in Shanghai just in time for the World 2020 championships.

Seraphine’s release date

Since Riot Games already confirmed that Seraphine will be a part of the World 2020 championships, her release date could come any time now. According to reports, the new champion is scheduled to be introduced to the Public Beta Environment this week and Riot Games will officially release Seraphine on October 29.


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