League of Legends To Add New Champion Stats Feature

Finally! After 10 long years of waiting, Riot Games is adding an extensive stats feature for all available champions (including their abilities) on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). This feature will be so comprehensive that it will include damage, mana cost, AD or AP ratio, and even cooldown information for each ability.

This information can be viewed when hovering over a champion’s ability, ranking from lowest to highest.

Despite being five years younger than League of Legends, games such as Smite and other MOBA titles have already been using this tool for a while now. Previously, avid players of this competitive esport game used to rely on third-party websites in order to have an in-depth look at the champion’s stats. Now, this new feature should make the players’ lives that much easier.

Asides from knowing the stats, this tool will also provide you a deeper understanding of how your champion progresses throughout the game, as well as helps you better your technique. You will also have a better idea as to when you should take on specific fights, or when you should trade.

That being said, Dota 2 players will be quite familiar with this feature, as the developers have loosely based the stats on a similar feature found on the said game. Not only that, but Reina Sweet, League of Legend’s tech designer, is in charge of this feature and she has had a lot of experience with both League and Dota.

Sadly, there isn’t a set date for the feature’s release just yet, but what we do know is that it will definitely be soon.

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