Life Is Strange 3 Announce Date Revealed

Life is Strange 3 rumors have been swirling for quite some time, and it appears that Square Enix is now announcing what awaits in the third installment of this narrative-driven episodic adventure. The company’s first digital-direct gathering, according to Square Enix’s official Twitter account, will take place later next week and will include an update on its current franchises as well as new announcements, including the next Life is Strange game.

As prominent leaker Navtra teased the game’s plot and title a few weeks ago, the Life is Strange 3 rumor mill exploded. When ResetEra user bing leaked the game’s heroine and the force she wields, the rumor took on a whole new level.

They say that Life is Strange 3 will be titled Life is Strange: True Colors and will star an Asian American woman who has the ability to read people’s minds. According to the leak, Life is Strange 3 is in production at Deck Nine, the studio that brought Life is Strange: Before the Storm to life.


It seems Navtra’s rumors were correct, and the next Life is Strange game will be announced on March 18. Square Enix’s digital direct event will be 40 minutes long and focus on other Square Enix titles alongside Life is Strange, like Outriders, Marvel’s Avengers, Just Cause, Tomb Raider, etc.

While Square Enix didn’t confirm whether this next Life is Strange is being developed by Dontnod Entertainment or Deck Nine, it did confirm that it focuses on an entirely new cast of characters and features a brand new power.

Although this may be disappointing for fans looking for a direct sequel to one of the two titles, there is another rumor that a fourth Life is Strange title is in the works. This one is currently in pre-production, according to Resetera user bing, and will be a direct sequel to the first Life is Weird. There was no other detail given except the fact that it would star Max and Chloe.


Previous Life is Strange games have featured some of the best characters and music in video games, and it will be fun to see if Life is Strange 3 builds on what made the first two games so successful. It’ll also be fun to see if, like Life is Strange 2, it takes a broader approach to narrative, addressing social problems like bigotry and so on, or if it takes a more nuanced approach like the first Life is Strange.

Although fans will have to wait a little longer, those who are itching for more Dontnod will want to check out Tell Me Why, whose first episode is now available for free.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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