Live Casinos have exploded in popularity in the online gambling sector. There are now dozens of different live casino games which players can try out, which all have their own set of casino table games, dealers, and styles.

If you have never tried a live casino game, you might have a number of preconceived notions about what it is like to play one. Due to these preconceived notions, you may opt to continue going to your local brick and mortar casino or play digital table games instead of trying live casino games, however, if you have not yet tried live casino games you are really missing out — keep reading to learn why.

Expectations and first impressions

Many people are initially hesitant to try live casino games because there is a perception that the games will be strange, awkward, and uncomfortable. Most of us do not enjoy Zoom calls if we are not with close family and friends. Live streaming can sometimes feel intimate and awkward, and many people who have not yet tried live casino games are concerned that the experience will be somewhat strange or off-putting.

Another expectation that people have is that live casino games are not as fun as playing the same games either in a brick-and-mortar casino or online via the fully digital formats which do not have a live component. Live games, they think, cannot be as fun or interesting as playing in person and they cannot be as relaxing as playing fully digital games.

The reality of live casinos

The reality of live casino games is very different from the expectation and the preconceived notions which many people have before giving them a try. First off, live casino games are more like live streaming on other video-sharing platforms than Zoom. The dealers do not actually see you via video sharing. Although you can chat with the dealers, it is your own choice whether or not to chat and it is all done through chat functions, so you do not actually have to worry about whether or not you left your mic on while you went to make a cup of tea.

Secondly, many of the gamblers who have played the same games on live casino game formats, fully digital formats, and in-person at brick and mortar casinos, prefer live casino games. Live casino games are a perfect mix of the best elements of digital games and in-person gambling.

Gamblers can play games with absolute convenience in their homes, during their commutes, or at the pub, and they are also able to engage with the dealers and other players in a way that generates the kind of fun, and exciting, and engaging atmosphere which buzzes around busy casino tables. Thankfully, live casino games are becoming increasingly popular and the best online casinos, which trustworthy sites like can help you find, have a wide range of live casino games.

Looking to the future of live casinos

Live casinos are becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are trying them for the first time and realizing that they are actually much more fun and natural to play than would be expected. The biggest game production companies are continuing to develop live casino games and options for gamblers so that they can enjoy a wide range of different choices among the types of casino games, dealers, and casino styles.

It is likely that we will continue to see an increase in live games available and that even more online casinos will start offering a wider range of live games. It is likely that more people will also start playing live casino games, which could potentially lead to greater employment prospects for card dealers around the world.

The next step for live casino games

Live casinos have revolutionized the online gambling sector by providing gamblers with a hybrid gambling experience that allows them to gamble from the comfort of their own home, while also enjoying the feeling of attending a bustling casino floor. The next step could be the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to the online gambling industry.

AR and VR could potentially allow gamblers to feel like they are actually sitting in the casino — and it could be any casino around the world or through time. This means that gamblers could be sitting in their living room but with the help of VR, they would be sitting at a poker table in the Wild West or watching the roulette wheel spin in Monaco. The possibilities are endless and could potentially present the next big technological revolution for the online gambling sector.