Sony Shares Details On The New PlayStation VR 2

Finally, Sony has revealed the first details about the next-gen PlayStation VR 2. Although there were a few specifics announced including its release date and official name, Sony confirmed that everything remains under wraps.

The first PlayStation VR was released back in 2016, and, as of 2018, became the bestselling VR unit on the market. Fans of the technology have long waited for the tech giant to play catch up, however, considering how outdated the device now feels when compared to newer headsets from other hardware manufacturers.

In spite of the PlayStation VR’s apparently decreasing popularity, and the scarcity of new games that have launched of late, Sony made its promise to the technology certain while ago. This said promise has since been proven in the sheer number of patents that continue to make rounds, which tease at what the tech giant‘s R&D team might be planning on the virtual reality front.


One of the latest patents suggests that the PlayStation VR 2 will incorporate audience participation that allows the viewers to augment in-game situations for headset users. Another from last summer noted Sony’s interest in considerably decreasing motion sickness.

A post from the PlayStation Blog by Hideaki Nishino, Sony’s Senior VP of Platform Planning and Management, reveals the company’s future plans for the next-generation PlayStation VR on the PlayStation 5.

The new PlayStation VR, which still lacks a name, aspires to improve field of view, input, resolution, and tracking. Sony is streamlining the setup attribute of the experience as well, by making sure that the device connects to the PlayStation 5 with only a single cord.


According to Nishino, PS Move controllers are being changed with a new VR controller that integrates some of the DualSense controller’s important features. The new VR controller will further “focus on great ergonomics.”

Nishino also mentioned that the development of the new PlayStation VR is still in progress; thus, a 2021 release date is not in the cards. Speaking to GQ magazine, PlayStation President and CEO Jim Ryan announced that dev kits “are about to go out” to be released to developers.

Taking everything into consideration, it’s safe to say that the PlayStation VR’s general design has not been finalized by Sony just yet. Therefore, a first look at the new device might not be coming out for quite some time. When Sony plans to reveal more is anyone’s guess at this point as well, but the information recently shared appears remarkable enough.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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