Louisiana kids might soon need parental consent to create social media accounts

A new bill in Louisiana has been recently passed by lawmakers. The new law could create restrictions on the internet use of minors, including the access and creation of social media accounts. It is expected to be implemented in August 2024 if Governor John Bel Edwards signs it.

The HB61 bill passed by the Louisiana State Legislature aims to ban the use of “interactive computer services” by minors or those under 18 without the knowledge of their parents or guardians. This could include the use of social media, from TikTok to Facebook and more. It is important to note, however, that the bill remains unclear in some sections, including the platforms and services that it specifically wants to ban.

Louisiana is just of the several places now taking extra caution in allowing minors to use the web. In the future, however, the number of states enforcing restrictive internet use among children might multiply as more legislators from other places are considering the idea now. Some states include Minnesota, Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio, Texas, and New Jersey.

Montana, on the other hand, took a very distinct path recently by specifically banning TikTok in its state. The new law is expected to be observed on the first day of 2024, which should make it unlawful for online stores to offer the app to Montana citizens. However, the law is now being countered by TikTok, which recently filed a lawsuit against the state.

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