In the world of magic, an incantation is the use of spells or verbal charms, which are sung or spoken as part of a magical ritual. Incantations may also be cast in games like “Elden Ring.” 

In “Elden Ring,” Incantations are a kind of magic in the game. Usually, these spells are dependent on the Faith stat. And they also have various effects, such as healing, dealing damage, and enchanting weapons or people. More often than not, Incantations in “Elden Ring” are cast with the use of Sacred Seals. 

Don’t be surprised if you are told that there are a total of 101 Incantations in the game. You read that right. So, in this list, we will narrow them down to just the best. This way, you know the most ideal to use in “Elden Ring.”

Golden Vow

The Golden Vow is that powerful Erdtree Incantation that many articles rank as the best Incantation because of its benefits, such as increasing the attack and defense of both you and your allies for a whopping 80 seconds. Given the immense benefits of the Golden Vow Incantation, it’s really tough to pick another Incantation better than this. 

What are the other great Incantations? Read on. 

Beast Claws

Among the things that make this “Elden Ring” Incantation one of the best is that it is very accessible. To get this, only eight Faith are required, so almost any character can use this. But note that Faith builds even scale it to a whole new level. Plus, its medium cast speed can be charged further up for more damage. 

Basically, Beast Claws, as the name implies, unleashes several claws traveling in a wide arc with slight gaps between each claw. This is perfect if you want mounds of enemies to become powerless against you.

Burn, O Flame!

With so many amazing Incantations in “Elden Ring,” it’s really hard to pick a winner, and here’s another one – Burn, O Flame! 

Longtime fans from the “Dark Souls Trilogy” can recall how underwhelming the Pyromancy Firestorm is. This Incantation, apparently, is a love letter to these gamers. 

Not only does this Incantation feel so snappy to cast, but once a fire pillar connects, it sends humanoid enemies literally flying away. Thus, it inflicts much damage, especially to powerful bosses like the game’s dragon bosses.

Black Blade

It may not be the best but certainly is not the weakest, but the Black Blade Incantation should fit right into your Faith or Strength build, especially if you are after a Maliketh-themed cosplay. 

Aside from inflicting significant damage, the fact that its stamina cost is reduced allows you to chain casts more easily. But, note that it takes up two memory slots, restricting access to other strong Incantation combinations.

Giantsflame Take Thee

While this “Elden Ring” Incantation does have a high FP cost, Giantsflame Take Thee ensures it makes up for this shortcoming. It does massive damage and can be charged up further to even increase the total damage. 

While the number of casts using this Incantation is limited because, of course, of the FP cost, launching enough attacks with this tarnishes any boss or group of enemies you are battling with. It is still one of those that inflict the highest damage in the game. 

Catch Flame

Considered a staple spell for all Pyromancy builds, Catch Flame really deserves to be on this list, and for good reasons. For one, it is a simple spell that has made it as the Prophet Class’ primary damage source.

More so, it is very effective that you can quickly spam with it over and over again, leaving your opponents with a charred face. Plus, it does not have a high FP cost. And, you can also use this spell while on the move.


Sounds strong, it is strong. There could be nothing better than turning into a powerful dragon mid-battle. Aside from being fun to cast, the spell also allows you to do commanding things.

This Incantation is great when you want to hit two birds with one stone, or maybe even more, as it can hit more than one enemy at once, even if it uses a lot of Faith to charge up. Having said that, it does incredible damage, and its cast speed is quick as well.

Bestial Sling

It has been said that, in “Elden Ring,” the perfect recipe for an auto-take spell is matching a quick cast time with a low FP cost, as well as the capability to chain cast – which the Bestial Sling Incantation offers. Its cast time is so quick you can chain it into your basic weapons combos by simply switching between your hands. 

A must-have for all Faith builds, Bestial Sling has a low Faith requirement, making it perfect to use early in the game, giving those early bosses a miserable time.

Pest Threads

Looking for the best Incantation for larger enemies in this game? Use Pest Threads. Aside from not having you to lock on to enemies, it is straightforward to whip out, thanks to its excellent tracking. The Incantation can do the rest for you. So, sit back as you inflict ridiculously high physical damage upon enemies. Having this is undoubtedly a game-changer.


Simple. Having this type of Incantation by your side always is what makes this powerful and valuable. 

Over the many other healing Incantations in “Elden Ring,” Heal features a moderate casting spell, but it can restore a good amount of health without costing that much of Faith. Thus, you can cast it for a more extended period than what other healing spells can do. So, make sure you have this Incantation always ready.

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