Mamoswine Joining Pokemon Unite In Upcoming Update

Mamoswine will be introduced to Pokemon Unite’s ever-expanding roster of Pokemon in the game’s next update, according to developer TiMi Studios. It will also feature at least one bug patch, as well as some minor balancing adjustments.

Mamoswine, as well as the popular Pokemon Sylveon, were revealed for the online game in August. However, no date has been set for the inclusion of the Fairy-type Eevee evolution. Mamoswine’s debut is significant for any Pokemon Unite player because adding characters to any MOBA may affect team lineups and meta tactics.


This Wednesday, September 29, Mamoswine will be introduced to Pokemon Unite. Mamoswine is not a free Pokemon Unite License and will have to be acquired from the Unite Battle Committee in-game market, as with every new addition to the online game. Licenses range in price from 6,000 to 10,000 Aeos Coins or 345 to 575 Aeos Gems. Mamoswine, like other new Pokemon, is expected to be part of a weekly rotation of Licenses that players may test out in Standard and Quick matches.

The Crustle Unite Move problem will be rectified with the Mamoswine update, according to the official Pokemon Unite Twitter account, but no word on whether the new Lucario fault that significantly hurts Ranked battles will be addressed.

While it’s expected to get one this Wednesday, the game just had a major balance adjustment in its last update, which was less than a week ago. There aren’t expected to be any major alterations, but the introduction of Mamsowine might significantly alter existing strategies.

While it’s wonderful to see another character, many gamers ad hoped to see Sylveon before Mamoswine. The Fairy-type Pokemon is far more popular than Mamoswine as an Eevee evolution. Hopefully, the creators will not make fans wait as long as Blastoise fans did. Before Pokemon Unite’s debut in July, the popular Gen 1 starter was touted as supplementary material, but it wasn’t included until September.

Most Unite players are drawn to characters based on their movesets, so if Mamoswine proves to be a valuable member of any Unite squad or plays in a very intriguing way, his reputation among Pokemon fans may grow.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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