Mario Kart Tour Commemorates First Anniversary With New Tracks, Premium Costumes

Mario Kart Tour is celebrating its first-anniversary event with new and old returning tracks as well as another chance at getting premium character costumes.

Mario Kart Tour is honoring its first anniversary with new and returning racetracks as well as costumes for players to collect. The mobile game is a hit for Nintendo fans with mobile phones but despite its amazing racing gameplay, it’s filled with an overabundance of super expensive microtransactions.

It’s a shame that the game is a wallet-breaker since it does contain some fairly good ideas. Nintendo has been frequently updating Mario Kart Tour with brand new tracks and characters, and this devoted post-release support is something that fans believe could be beneficial to a major Mario Kart entry, one that doesn’t require any microtransactions since it will not be a free-to-play game.

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Mario Kart Tour holds a championship cup every two weeks, giving fans more content to discover and more characters to collect. In a recent championship cup, the developers added Dixie Kong and Funky Kong, two classic ape characters from the Donkey Kong series.

This October, Nintendo is preparing something extra special to celebrate the game’s first anniversary. Based on Nintendo’s official page, the celebration will last for two weeks, which is currently ongoing and will last until October 20.

The event will be paying tribute to Mario Kart Tour’s globe-trotting origins by introducing brand new tracks such as the New York Minute 3 and returning worldwide tracks including, London Loop 1, Tokyo Blur 1, Vancouver Velocity 1, and Paris Promenade 1.

The developers are also making Rubies available from all rewards of the game, making it cheaper and easier for players to engage in the game’s gacha-inspired Pipe in order to unlock exclusive characters such as Waluigi, Mario, and Paulin among others. Five unique exclusive characters will be in the Spotlight during each week of the event.

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Despite the microtransaction problems, there are a lot of things that the game gets right. As a matter of fact, it is constantly improving with every update. A few weeks ago, the game added a new landscape mode, which gives players an expansive and more satisfying field of view as they race around the track.

The plethora of Rubies in the anniversary event should ease the pressure on the wallets of players and let them spend more time enjoying the tracks which definitely should be for this kind of game. Hopefully, upcoming events will be similar to this one.

Microtransactions have been a pain in the gaming industry ever since it was introduced. A lot of games were utterly ruined by them. Players have all the right to be disappointed by how much money Mario Kart Tour asks of them, but looking deeper, the game is really good. Hopefully, everyone takes advantage of the anniversary event and enjoy what Nintendo has to offer right now.

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