Meta, formerly known as Facebook, recently unveiled that it’s currently working on artificial intelligence (AI) called the “Research SuperCluster” (RSC). According to the social media giant, this new supercomputer will “pave the way” for Metaverse development.

Not only that, but it appears Meta is confident about the RSC, as the company claims that it’s one of the fastest supercomputers in the entire globe. When the AI is fully operational sometime this year, Meta believes that RSC will take the top spot.


On January 25, 2022, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg said in a Facebook post:


What makes RSC even more interesting is that it can work with hundreds of varying languages to develop “advanced AI.” This can reportedly help with natural language processing, speech recognition, computer vision, and others.


For now, Meta has yet to disclose the development costs of the supercomputer and its location. Camilla Russo, a decentralized finance analyst, compares Meta’s new AI to the Ethereum network. After all, many consider the latter to be a supercomputer already.

Raja Koduri said in December 2021, if industries and companies want to power the Metaverse successfully, the existing computational infrastructure will need to improve significantly. Koduri said to Quartz that the Metaverse requires “access to petaflops [one thousand teraflops] of computing in less than a millisecond, less than ten milliseconds for real-time uses.”

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