Today, Meta Platforms, Inc. and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg officially unveiled the Meta Quest 3 VR headset, the company’s latest virtual reality headset. This announcement came a few days before Apple reveals its own next week – and Meta’s headset is way cheaper than Apple’s. Is there a competition brewing?

Meta’s ‘most powerful headset yet’

“Introducing Meta Quest 3. The first mainstream headset with high-res color mixed reality,” Zuckerberg said on Instagram. “Our most powerful headset yet. Coming this fall.”

Before this official launch, there had been several rumors and speculations on what the features of this VR headset would be. But now, everything is official. 

Redesigned from the inside out, Meta Quest 3 is the wireless headset that can do it all. Enjoy more than twice the GPU processing power compared to Quest 2 thanks to the next-gen Snapdragon chip,” the company stated. 

It also said that users can experience smoother and faster graphics via the device’s “highest-resolution” displays, as well as dazzling visuals and rich audio that will make everything more immersive than ever before. 

“And with the introduction of Meta Reality, you’ll have the power to blend virtual elements into your physical space, letting you explore like never before,” the company added.

Meta Quest 3 also has a 40 percent slimmer optic profile, allowing users to play “in ultimate comfort.” 

The device also comes with lightweight Touch Plus controllers that fit seamlessly and perfectly in the hands so users can navigate more naturally. 

Plus, there are TruTouch haptics to let users feel everything better, and over 500 titles and adventures to choose from. 

Way cheaper than Apple’s

Meta continues to invest heavily in the metaverse, which refers to the yet-to-be-developed digital universe that requires virtual reality and augmented reality technologies so users can access this world. 

Meta is also seemingly brewing some more competition with Apple, which will debut its rival VR headset next week.

Apple is expected to unveil its own VR headset next week at the company’s WWDC 2023 event. You can refer to our news report about the things people are expecting at this event. 

The iPhone maker’s consumer headset is also slated to incorporate augmented technologies and will reportedly be compatible with hundreds of thousands of apps on iPad. But it will cost a whopping $3,000 at the very least. 

Meta Quest 3, the successor to Quest 2, only starts at $499. Way cheaper, right?

Meta’s headset will ship in every country where Meta Quest is currently supported. This will happen this fall. The 128GB headset starts at $499, but there’s an option for users to add more storage if they wish to. 

Zuckerberg’s company did not reveal more details about Meta Quest 3, but it said they would share more at Meta Connect, returning this year on September 27th.

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