Last week, MicroPets revealed that the Pets NFT Platform will be available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) moving forward. With this, investors will be able to buy a MicroPets token as well as a crate. Then, upon opening the crate, they’ll receive an adorable NFT based on well-known and beloved memes within the crypto world.

After just two weeks, MicroPets was already able to draw in more than 22,000 holders, and the crypto’s Telegram channel is reaching 10,000 members. What’s even better is that the development team is working on a couple of exciting things, including a farming system, a P2E game, as well as plans on expanding into the Metaverse… or in this case, MicroVerse.

So, how does this platform work exactly?

The MicroPets team developed a custom dApp, which already launched with a plethora of features since day 1. By using the dApp, users can purchase a crate for themselves using their MicroPets tokens. This create will contain a random NFT with their respective staking rewards and even rarity.

Based on their new pet’s staking multiplier, users will be able to stake the NFT pet in exchange for MicroPets rewards. Other than that, users can also put up their pets for sale in the MicroPets marketplace.


At the moment, MicroPets has 9 available NFT pets, which are:

  • Akita Inu
  • Kishu Inu
  • Hokkaido Inu
  • Shiba Inu
  • Floki
  • Micro Shiba
  • Frunkpuppy
  • Hoge
  • Doge

Given the plethora of new, up-and-coming crypto, you might be wondering what makes MicroPets stand out from the rest. As far as we can tell, the developers have been taking a high-end approach since the beginning that really overpowers many of the current projects within the cryptosphere.

For example, the team decided to go for Certik with Skynet for their audit needs instead of choosing the less expensive options. This is a clear indication that MicroPets’ team is serious about providing quality. Supporters were also thrilled by the announcement that MicroPets will be collaborating with Cubix, a renowned game development company, for their custom-built P2E game called MicroPets Runner.

MicroPets has done a fantastic job of consistently drawing in a significant number of investors. And that doesn’t come as a surprise because the team’s marketing team is going full steam ahead. In fact, the crypto is being advertised on major platforms such as Facebook and BSCScan.

BEP-1155 NFT

The crypto’s dev team chose the BEP-1155 standard because it has one-of-a-kind flexibility. Thanks to this standard, users are given the chance to buy and open several crates in a single transaction. This offers a significantly better user experience for everyone.


Without a doubt, MicroPets is a promising project that’s being run by an incredible team that’s working hard to provide only the best to its users. It’s clear that MicroPets has the potential to go places and break records.

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