Each infinite and procedurally generated world in “Minecraft” offers plenty of opportunities and curiosities to stumble upon. One such fantastic discovery would be that of a desert temple not on land but… underneath the surface of a lake in the game’s world! Here’s the story.

SpicyDeluxeMcCrispy’s discovery

This game’s biome and structure generations largely depend on an algorithm that “works under the hood” to determine where desert temples, villages, ocean monuments, and other structures would spawn.

Therefore, the algorithm is expected to fumble and produce erratic spawns at times. This is precisely what a “Minecraft” player, who goes by the name SpicyDeluxeMcCrispy on Reddit, discovered and shared on the social networking platform.

It might be a significant eureka moment for them, or like discovering the hidden city of Atlantis when they stumbled upon a desert temple, not in a desert but in a lake. 

SpicyDeluxeMcCrispy shared the image of their discovery on Reddit, captioning the post, “Uhhh, that’s not a desert.” 

The post has already earned around 4,000 Reddit upvotes as of press time.

Desert temples

Desert temples are enormous structures that, despite their name, are rarely found in the desert. Inside these structures, players can spot an underground area bounty with chests containing loot. But extra care should be taken here as the area is also laden with TNT that could blow up if they step on the pressure plates. Yikes!

But the funniest thing about SpicyDeluxeMcCrispy’s discovery is that the temple was in a lake on the outskirts of the Taiga region. This place hardly has a lot of sand. Instead, there are rocky mountains and plains around where the temple has spawned. 

Unfortunately, despite how interesting this find is, it is considered a bug in the Minecraft Bedrock version, filled with many of them. 

What the community thinks

Though it is a bug in the game, the community was quite impressed with this discovery of SpicyDeluxeMcCrispy. 

One Redditor, Sr_Imperador, said it is “genius.”

Reality_1001, meanwhile, commented, “Nah, it was from the future. They knew that land was going to become a desert sooner or later.”

How about you? What do you think about this astonishing discovery?

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