Open-world games are well-loved in the gaming community for various reasons. One of these is how these games draw players into their settings and playing them literally however they want. After all, variety is the spice of life, isn’t it? 

However, you should also know that open-world games do not just exist in a single line. Some games in this category are not so good, while others are immensely realistic to the extreme. Previously, PVP Live has introduced you to the greatest open-world games. This time, we’re taking things further by presenting the most realistic open-world games ever made.

‘Call Of The Wild: The Angler’

If you are a gamer and at the same time an outdoorsy person, you shouldn’t miss “Call of the Wild: The Angler.” The title says it all. This game features the most stunning outdoor landscapes inspired by the beauty of the outdoors of Norway, Wyoming, and Spain, allowing you to experience the backcountry in vivid detail. 

Furthermore, the game also offers a realistic fishing simulator to realize those angling goals, with a wide range of rods, lures, and baits. In other words, you have the complete freedom to explore such a massive environment brimming with animal life. Their behaviors are also real, by the way.

‘The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’

Many gamers will agree that, indeed, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” deserves to be on top of this list. It is easy to see why it is so easy for gamers to get lost in Hyrule’s stunning vistas. 

As soon as Link awakes at the beginning of the game and emerges into the expansion world that opens like a book before him, this is also the start of the game being explorable for players. It is all about freedom here. Nothing is off-limits. Gamers can set off in any direction they choose and in any order they desire. Believe it or not, they can even head straight to the final boss if they have the guts. That’s how massive this open-world game is. 

‘Far Cry 5’

“Far Cry 5” deviated from the series that previously happened in exotic locations, the tropics, and the Himalayas. But that’s not a loss. In “Far Cry 5,” you will find yourself lost in rural America, particularly in the vast mountainous region known as Hope County, Montana. Montana is real, but Hope County isn’t. Nevertheless, it is beautiful, featuring winding roads, quaint towns, and much more. 

You will also interact with the country folk as you immerse yourself more into the environment. While the game is a first-person shooter, you can also fish, hunt, and chat with the residents at the town bar.

‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Let’s play a game. The category is open-world. Imagine we’ve surveyed people about what they think is the most popular open-world game. One of the first things that will come to their mind is “Grand Theft Auto.”

Ever since the release of “Grand Theft Auto III” in 2001, its developer, Rockstar Games, has proven time and time again that they are undisputed champions when it comes to creating immersive and realistic open worlds – from them and until they launched “Grand Theft Auto V.”

Set in the fictitious city of Los Santos, “GTA V” provides the perfect sandbox for players to lose themselves. The place gives them all they need to cause and wreak havoc within such an expansive and varied world. Here, you can participate in rampages along bustling streets, race across the open countryside, or simply take in the scenery from the air.

‘Test Drive Unlimited’

Evident in “GTA V,” cars are the perfect match for open-world environments. “Test Drive Unlimited” launched almost two decades ago, but it is still impressive on several fronts. Its developer managed to create an entire island built with around a whopping 1,000 miles of road inspired by Hawaii’s O’ahu island. At its core, this is a racing game, but there’s so much more to it. 

Some other things you can do while playing it include going shopping, buying your dream house, or cruising around a majestic tropical paradise. Brilliant as ever, the game offers freedom beyond what you can imagine. 

‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’

Somehow, open-world games have become synonymous with the outdoors, such as “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.” This game is a massive visual spectacle, just like the other titles on this list. But, what set it apart are the depth of its world and the stories it tells, making this game a wonderful odyssey. 

Throughout Geralt’s far-reaching quest to look for Ciri, gamers can get the chance to slay monsters and play Gwent in between main quests. Plus, the map has many question marks, making it even more intriguing for the game’s players. It shall keep them busy for a long time, no doubt. 

‘Watch Dogs 2’

With “Watch Dogs 2,” Ubisoft brought its open-world series to the West Coast. Here, players can experience Ubisoft’s take on the San Francisco Bay Area. Immerse yourself in various locations, such as Marin, Oakland, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco. Indeed, this is a game that isn’t afraid to get as close as possible to real places. 

Realistic? Yes. The developer was meticulous enough to feature pedestrians talking over the phone, people spilling their drinks, and groups of friends taking groufies. Did we mention you can even stumble upon weddings? Just don’t gatecrash them.

To wrap up, the most realistic and immersive open-world games offer unparalleled experiences that triumphantly blur the lines between fiction and reality. Through intricate designs, advanced technology, and compelling storytelling, these games bring players to expansive virtual realms filled with depth, detail, and endless possibilities, redefining the boundaries and limits of interactive entertainment.

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