Prepare your wallets because there are now more reasons to purchase “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s” Starlight membership each month!

Moonton, the Chinese multinational video game developer and publisher behind “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,” has recently announced it is completely revamping its Starlight membership in the game. They will tweak it to include more rewards, new membership perks, and a brand new Starlight shop. Way to go!

What to expect

This revamp has the goal of rewarding gamers who are constantly and consistently renewing their membership every month. One of the newest rewards is an exclusive Starlight trail effect, the first non-M-series trail effect in “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.”

For February, Iron Hound Saber is the Starlight skin, the assassin hero’s eighth skin in the game, and his second Starlight skin following Force Warrior. The skin is a reimagined version of his default skin, but with enhanced skill effects and character model. 

Regarding the perks, players who purchase a Starlight membership beginning February 1st will recent an upgraded avatar, border, chat bubble, achievement badge, and in-game killing notification. 

If you think those are it, they got more. First-time buyers will likewise receive a first-purchase bundle worth 1,700 diamonds. This includes a hero and Special skin collection chest, Starlight fragments, and 300 Starlight points. Just wow. 

Plus, to reward loyal subscribers, players who bought an earlier Starlight membership will get a separate permanent Starlight avatar border absolutely for free. 

Last but certainly not least, the Stralight shop will also get revamped. Players can get the chance to buy the limited edition 2021 Starlight skin Water Lily Kagura. Past Starlight skins will likewise be available through Starlight chests.

Nevertheless, be in the know that there is still no news on whether this new Starlight membership will be more expensive, unfortunately.

Currently, the standard Starlight member price is 550 diamonds, guaranteeing the exclusive and painted skin for the month. Starlight Member Plus, which directly upgrades the player’s pass to level 30, costs 1,100 diamonds. 

About the membership

Starlight Member, popularly known simply as Starlight, is a monthly mission points system wherein players can get the opportunity to earn rewards depending on their progress in accumulating Starlight points. Players who subscribe for a membership (either Starlight Member or Starlight Member Plus) will receive an exclusive Starlight skin and access the premium prize pool.

This monthly Starlight system has been among the most highly anticipated features of “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.” Each month, gamers can enjoy tons of bonus perks and benefits such as EXP and Rank Protection point boost, same as the previous Starlight system, and a wide range of skins they can unlock through progressing into the levels.

“Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena that pits two teams of five against each other in real-time with at least 10-second matchmaking and 10-minute matches. Featuring a traditional battle arena gameplay, players must fight over three lanes to take the opponent’s tower and defend theirs.

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