Nintendo Direct Monster Hunter Rise Trailer Reveals New Monsters And Details

With the launch date of Monster Hunter Rise fast approaching, Capcom has released another trailer that features some returning monsters as well as two new monsters. In addition, the trailer features more of the rampage mechanics players can look forward to face when they purchase the game.

In an earlier trailer for Monster Hunter Rise, there was a short glimpse at a spider-like creature. Most fans believed that the creature might be a returning monster, Nersyclla, or its subspecies, Shrouded Nersyclla.

However, players ultimately recognized that it was in fact a completely new Temnoceran class monster. In spite of the fact that the creature’s charge blade and armor seemed to be featured in the recently released demo, the monster had still yet to be officially announced. Now, in the newest trailer, Capcom has finally disclosed its name is Rakna-Kadaki.


As for the other new monster featured in the trailer, it is called Almudron. Almudron seems to be a leviathan class monster that utilizes mud to attack players. Old monsters including the Jyuratodus have incorporated mud in their movesets, but mud appears to be the main weapon in Almudron’s arsenal. The trailer featured in the recently concluded Nintendo Direct for February 2021, shows the monster throwing mud from its tail and even making entire mud columns across the battlefield.

A few returning monsters were also confirmed such as the Basarios, a rocky flying wyvern that has several fire abilities. Volidon, a fanged monster that is somewhat a crossbreed between an anteater and an armadillo also makes a comeback to roll over players and inflict the stench status ailment.

There were also other monsters briefly shown in the trailer such as Diablos, the recurring flying monster that loves to dig underground and charge at players, the series mascot Rathalos, and another fanged monster called Rajang.

Rajang is featured in the new trailer while discussing the new rampage mechanic of the game. Details have been teased for some time, but it seems to be exactly what it looked like all along – a fight against various monsters at the same time as players try to protect the village from the monsters. The village supposedly experienced a rampage a few decades ago, and has suffered massive losses from it, has set up gates and weapons to attempt to fend off the monsters.

Two new locations, a volcano area, and a desert area were also shown in the trailer. Volvidon, Rakna-Kadaki, and Basarios live in the lava-filled area. No particular monster was shown in the sandy region, but it is safe to assume that Diablos is waiting for players there to take its bait.

The trailer concludes with two quest maidens taking up arms themselves, but it is uncertain what this exactly entails.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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