Monster Hunter Rise for the Switch Won’t Have Voice Chat Support

Fans are looking forward to Monster Hunter Rise for numerous reasons, one being the fact that it’s the first installment in the franchise to be built from the ground up for the Nintendo Switch. The bad news is that the game won’t have voice chat, despite it supporting a co-op mode of up to four players.

Capcom confirmed this sad news during an interview with IGN. Players will have the ability to type messages, perform gestures, or create quick commands in order to communicate with other players. However, the hardware itself won’t support voice chat and the Switch Online mobile app won’t have this feature either.

When IGN asked for an explanation as to why this is the case, they only responded by saying that they “cannot comment on Nintendo Switch hardware features.” That being said, we’re not altogether surprised by this given Nintendo’s meager attempts at trying to make voice chat a thing on the Switch previously.

Some time in 2017, a few months after Nintendo released the Switch, they also introduced phone-enabled voice chat for the game Splatoon 2. If you wanted to use this feature, you simply had to download an app, plug in your headphones, and then invite your Switch friends to the same virtual room so that you could talk to each other.


Three years have passed and this is still the case, the only difference is that more games support this feature now compared to when it first started. There is a range of games that support this phone-enabled voice chat — from first-party multiplayer titles like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to third-party games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3Dragon Quest Builders 2, and even Stardew Valley.

As for built-in voice chat on the Switch itself, this isn’t completely unheard of as well. There are numerous games that allow you to plug in a headset directly into the console so that you can converse with your friends or teammates, such as Fortnite and Overwatch.

Tech company Vivox even made their voice chat SDK (software development kit) last year, which is what Fortnite uses for the Switch. In fact, this kit is even available to any developer that wants to use it.

On the other hand, there are features in games – like Apex Legends’ ping system – that allowed you to easily call out enemies and gather supplies with a simple click of a button. This kind of feature demonstrates how it’s possible to cooperate and communicate effectively with teammates even without voice chat.

However, it’s definitely more fun to be able to talk and joke around with your friends when playing multiplayer games. This is especially so for those peaceful moments when you’re waiting for the others to change loadouts, or when you want to compare some loot.

It will already be 2021 when Monster Hunter Rise is scheduled to be released, and given the many technological advances so far, we fail to understand why this extremely popular title won’t have something as simple and as necessary as voice chat support.

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