If you are looking for ways to not lose all of your money when it comes to playing games online, you have come to the right place. And, rightly so at that. If you are not careful with your budget management, any casino game out there can take your money. But, having said that, there are games out there that have better odds than others. And, there are games out there that will suck your cash flow dry if you let them.

With a bit of research, you can avoid this though, and ensure that you are having a great gaming experience during the process. There is such a huge range of gaming options on sites like Kingcasino, online or on land, nowadays that at this point the hardest thing is deciding which game to go for. But, of course, there are the most competitive casino games to play online to think about, and really these are the ones that you will want to go for at the end of the day.

Some of the games you will know of and perhaps already play often, others may be a bit more new to you. Whatever your stance, it is worth knowing which casino games have a bit more to offer you than others.


Want to play a game that has got good odds hence more of a competitive edge? Look no further than the game Blackjack, which you have definitely seen in some classic movie at some point in your life. Obviously, gambling is a bit of fun, but it is still something that has been made in commerce and so it is still designed to part you from your cold hard cash. If you are going to hit the table games though, stay close to blackjack, otherwise known as twenty-one.

The origins of this game are as mysterious as the hand you are dealt at the table, but the popularity of this game has grown and this has meant that it now includes multiple versions and live online games, meaning that players have better scope to win now more than ever.


Casinos will scrutinize players in ever other parts of the casino when it comes to online games, but not so much really when it comes to poker. Poker players get more leeway in the casino as the casinos themselves do not have as much money at stake as they do when it comes to other games. Why? Because players are betting with their own bucks, so the house gets a cut no matter who it is who wins.

So employees relax a bit around the table, and poker players police it instead. Not only that, but dealers are really the only experts when it comes to ‘tells.’ They are the people who really do excel at reading others and their actions, due in part to the fact that this is a key strategy in the game itself, hence the common adage, poker face.

But, competition when it comes to fellow players can be pretty stiff, so head to other games before trying this one out for size, then when you are more seasoned give things another go. It can pay off as it has done so for many others.

Video Poker

Want to empty your pockets in a fast and easy fashion? Get on your gaming and play some slots. Losing money is never a fun thing to do, and it is even less fun when you do it in seconds. Apparently, the easier the game, the worse are the odds at winning. To keep yourself in good stead, whether you are pressing a button or pulling on a lever, figure out first how to play the slots.

To figure this out is a fairly simple process, but that does not bode too well for your money. The quick rate between each play also means that your wallet or purse gets emptied very quickly. But, study some of the better strategies, and this can be one of the better games to play in terms of competitive casino games to play online.


Now onto the less politely titled game, craps. According to a betting website’s average loss calculator, over a ten-hour period of betting $5 a round you can lose about $30 playing the game craps. But, having said that, you can lose an amount upward of $630 over the same amount of time if you are playing with a pull slot machine which costs $1.50 a round.

In fact, craps is quite a bit more exciting than pulling a handle, let’s face it. At the craps table, you can find one big party, and you can easily sport that table by keeping an eye out for the most raucous crowd. According to a source, craps has the second best odds on the floor with a chance almost 50/50 of taking home some cash.

Penny slots

Yep, you have read that right. If you are one of those gamers who would like to gamble but naturally are a bit anxious about heading to a table and putting your bets down, a slot machine is the next best thing where you can bet and have fun without going broke. Penny slots are great because you are literally gaming with a penny a go, so you can not really lose out too much.

Penny slots can be found in local casinos near you, online, or most infamously, at the arcades which dot the lining of most coastal towns in the UK. These games are also in the most competitive list because you are almost pretty much guaranteed to win something, even if it is not a very big win, you are bound to get something from these kinds of games.

So, whether you are in it to win it or not, whether you are new to playing games online or have been playing them for years, the list makes for a good choice when it comes to playing online as you have good odds at winning.