With the turn of the decade, many started looking back at what happened in the past ten years. We, as a planet and a species, have gone through some cardinal changes that will impact us for good.

Important environmental issues have been brought up, such as one concerning Greta Thunberg. A businessman was elected the new, controversial president of The United States. Brexit was set into motion, then stopped, then launched again.

Be that as it may, the fact of the matter is that we are barely what we were when we stepped into 2010.

This truth especially applies to the entertainment industry.

When we put all those political and economy-related issues aside, what we have left is fun. Endless, enormous, and unprecedented fun.

Gambling is a trade as old as time. People have always loved playing and competing. In fact, competitiveness is one of our core instincts. Every day, we fight for our place in the sun, which we achieve by surpassing our opponents.

It wasn’t too long before people noticed that this primal urge of ours can be monetized. In other words, gambling stopped being a hobby – it turned into profit.

Trying not to make this story a dull and gloomy one, we’ll tell you one thing. There is a massively optimistic side of this shift.

After all, we wouldn’t be able to talk about the positive impact online gambling has had on the human race today.

In the following article, we will tackle the changes the gaming commerce has gone through. Additionally, we will provide commentary on each of them.

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Generation Y among Software Providers

Already in the 1990s, a whole lot of future leading iGaming behemoths popped up on the market. Those encompassed Microgaming (1994), NetEnt (1996), and Realtime Gaming (1998). The trio took time to establish themselves as the founders for not many believed the industry could grow much.

To convince the public in the potential of gambling, these veterans started inventing the impossible.

Not only was gambling transferred to the virtual world, but it was also made mobile. With the development of the HMTL5 cross-platform, users were able to play their favorite casino games on their smartphones and tablets. And we have Microgaming to thank for that.

However, the evolution didn’t stop there; quite the contrary. It is then when up-and-coming online casino suppliers started improving even further.

A whole generation of new developers surfaced between 2010 and 2020, looking to outstrip the massive predecessors. Quickspin, for instance, went live in 2012, followed by Yggdrasil Gaming in 2013 and Red Tiger in 2014. And they are just a few of many extremely successful slot providers.

These particular slot developers are responsible for the hottest slot titles on the market. All of the manufacturers that we’ve mentioned above have an extensive portfolio of award-winning games. And not only that; the creators themselves made it to the top at myriad gaming award events.

Now in 2020, all of these slot designers exhibit their gaming content at hundreds of online casinos on the internet. Some websites specialize in examining and reviewing these online gambling venues and software providers. This way, if you’re interested in trying new software or game, you can read an informative review of it NetEnt or Novomatic slots games in advance.

Furthermore, on these websites, you are welcome to experience online gambling first-hand, alongside its latest innovations.

Making Real Realistic

Owing to these developments, besides slots, digital gambling establishments have so much more to offer. One excellent example of the industry’s creativity is the live casino. In 2006, a revolutionary company based in Riga, Latvia rose out of the blue and named itself Evolution Gaming.

Since that year, the live dealer part of the trade has never been the same. The firm kicked off with traditional table games such as Roulette and Blackjack. Then they made it available to players who prefer at-home gambling. Thus occurred the birth of the live casino.

The technology that the Latvian firm employed and still does allowed players to interact with a deal in real-time from the comfort of their home. In other words, Evolution made gambling portable and more convenient than ever. Not only could you spin the reels from your living room, but you could now also talk to an actual croupier from another corner of the world!

Overtime, Evolution integrated features that permitted the dealer to talk to you directly and provide commentary on the game.

In the past decade, the Riga-based supplier boasted a line-up of incredible new live titles. To exemplify, the firm meshed our favorite childhood memories with our hobbies. Hence Live MONOPOLY was created. Evolution then sped up the whole conveyor belt. In the previous two years, The Lightning Series went live, including Lightning Roulette, Lightning Baccarat and even Lightning Dice. Evolution is the prime example

Needless to say, an army of similarly opinionated suppliers soon came up. In 2020, there are dozens of names offering live dealer services.

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Putting an End to Social Injustice

Proving that they are well-rounded in every sense of the term, reputable online gambling names focused on social responsibility. Showing that they are aware that there is inequality in the industry, many brands launched campaigns.

In 2018, renowned operator LeoVegas opposed gender inequality with its program LeoRegulus. The project aimed to enable and train females to increase their employment rate. With this venture, LeoVegas expressed that it values “competence over all other factors”.

Other companies like Playtech and Quickspin saw their female employees win multiple prizes at Women in Gaming (WiG) Diversity Awards in 2019.

Cryptocurrency and Virtual Reality

As for the predictions for the future, all that we’ve seen foreshadows great fortune for iGaming. Online gambling is de facto one of the most prosperous industries today.

Some of the plans include implementing VR games, which has already started with NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest VR. Malta-headquarter provider Betsoft also set its RNG game Max Quest: Wrath of Ra in motion in 2017.

As we can see, varied developers explore their field of operation and bring innovation.

Another advancement that connects them all is the arrival of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum took online gambling by storm in the past five years. A growing number of users are expected to appear in the next couple of years.