Most Perfect Enchantments for the Minecraft Trident

Tridents are one of the few weapons in Minecraft that can do many types of damage to mobs.

Tridents can be used as a standard melee weapon in Minecraft, much like the other weapons, or they can be thrown like a javelin! A trident can be hurled up to 80 blocks and, like most weapons in Minecraft, can be enchanted.

In Minecraft, there is only one way to obtain a trident: by killing a drowned. And if the drowned are killed, tridents are still difficult to come by. Since only a handful of the submerged mobs hold tridents, there is only a 15% risk that one will be lost in Minecraft.


In a similar way to the previous spell, this one, though not unique to the trident, serves to prolong its lifetime. Rather than increasing the player’s experience, the Mending enchantment uses accumulated XP to restore the trident’s toughness.

While this slows down the leveling process, many people believe it is well worth the wait to no longer has to think about the trident’s current state of repair.


When a trident is enchanted with riptide in Minecraft, it helps the player to throw their trident while standing only in water or storm, as well as easy flight while in the air! The trident resembles a flying broomstick, with the exception that it is a trident.

Through traveling faster, Riptide can assist Minecraft players in achieving higher points and completing tasks faster. Riptide has a maximum enchantment degree of three. One of the only enchantments that can be put on the same trident as riptide is channeling enchantment.



This spell is a must if you want to throw your trident rather than poke things with it. After you throw your trident of Loyalty, it will immediately return to your side. Enchantments at higher levels will return it to you sooner. It’s similar to Thor tossing Mjolnir, but with a trident.


The Unbreaking enchantment, which enhances an item’s resilience, isn’t special to the trident, of course. It’s usable on a wide range of guns, tools, and armor. It’s particularly useful with arms like the trident, which the player can’t make himself.

If your trident wears out and is ruined, you’ll be stuck in the unpleasant situation of waiting for a new one to appear eventually. This annoyance is greatly alleviated by the Unbreakable enchantment.


One of the coolest enchantments that can be put on a trident in Minecraft is channeling enchantment.

This enchantment helps players to use their trident to generate light! A big lightning bolt can emerge if you hit a crowd with a hurled trident during a thunderstorm. Players that have ever wished for electricity powers like Zeus will now do so thanks to this enchantment!

Channeling doesn’t do any harm and is only useful during a thunderstorm, but it does give the trident a very cool impact. It’s one of the most interesting enchantments, but it’s not really useful. For channeling, the highest degree of magic is level one.


Tridents with the impaling enchantment will do further harm to underwater mobs. Against, the impaling spell is useful. Impaling and riptide can’t be on the same trident. Impaling has a maximum enchantment rating of five.


Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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