Are you also a fan of Naruto Uzumaki in the “Naruto” anime series and were saddened when his death loomed in the show’s sequel, “Boruto”? Well, you don’t have to be. Rejoice because Naruto is well and alive in the sequel and may even return to the series. 

But what are those stories and rumors that Naruto will die? We’ll explore them in this piece. 

Naruto Fulfills His Dream

Naruto is among the most well-loved characters in the series, if not the most beloved. He is a young ninja who seeks approval from his peers as he dreams of becoming the Hokage, the title bestowed on their village’s leader. 

At the end of the story, he went on to achieve what he wanted and became the Seventh Hokaga. In “Boruto,” the sequel to the “Naruto” anime, Naruto enjoyed the role of having this title. 

However, as a major twist in the sequel, death loomed over Naruto right in the very first chapter of the story. His association with death made fans think he might actually die, or died, in the story. Also, Naruto became just a minor character in the sequel, and those closely watching the anime say he won’t return until after the timeskip. 

What is the context of this “death”? If Naruto, indeed, died, will he ever return? Fans wish he returns because they cannot afford to lose such a vital character in the story. 

Is Naruto Dead? 

At the beginning of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” Kawaki, Boruto’s nemesis, tells the latter that he will send him to the same place where he sent his dad, Naruto. Because of this statement from Kawaki, many fans theorized and wondered if he would eventually kill Naruto. And these fans got even more enraged when the story showed Naruto took Kawai under his wing and made him a part of the family. 

So, is Naruto dead? In the manga, where the anime was based, its recent chapter showed that Naruto was dead. The entire Shinobi world believed that he was dead. However, it was later revealed that Naruto is alive and perfectly well. Kawaki told Naruto he would eliminate all the Ōtsutsukis in the world, which include Boruto, since he was a vessel for Momoshiki, deemed a powerful being in the story. He wished to do so since he wanted to protect the people and did not want Naruto’s life to get threatened anymore. But perhaps the biggest twist, which also explains Naruto’s future in the story, is this. Read on. 

The Seventh Hokage To Return?

Kawaki knew Naruto would never allow anybody to kill Boruto, his son. So, Kawaki sent Naruto and Hinata (who is also part of the Uzumaki clan) to a different dimension where time does not flow, so they will not age. Kawaki made this move to make it seem like Boruto killed his father. 

Due to that, speculators closely following the story theorize that Naruto is well and alive, and will likely return to the story. As for the time of his return, they are saying that this will be after the final battle between Boruto and Kawaki. Furthermore, since time does not pass in the world where Kawaki sent Naruto, he would not have aged even a day.

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