New COD Warzone Patch Nerfs DMR Again, Addresses Infinite Stim Bug

Another Call of Duty Warzone update has apparently fixed the horribly overpowered DMR 14 as well as the infinite stim bug that has recently returned in the wildly famous first-person shooter battle royale. Call of Duty Warzone witnessed several new additions with the launch of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War back in November 2020.

With the incorporation of the new entry’s guns, loadout, and equipment, there were bound to be several growing pains as the free to play Warzone mode closes the gap between the ‘80s-set shooting game and its ancestor, Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty Warzone is the famous battle royale mode that was introduced alongside Call of Duty Modern Warfare as a free to play mode back in March 2020. The game mode’s fam hastily rose, witnessing millions of players join in its 150-player matches in the first several months and player counts have not appeared to go down ever since.


It utilizes a Battle Pass system identical to other successful battle royale titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite. The experience and progress acquired in this mode are shared with Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode, making it easily available to all Call of Duty players.

In a blog posted a few hours ago by Gamesradar explaining the patch notes for the new update done to Call of Duty Warzone, considerable changes were done to the DMR 14. This is the second update released within the week since a lot of players quickly made it clear to the developers that the first update was not sufficient enough to weaken the superbly powerful assault rifle that has dominated Verdansk in the past few months. This update also removed the bug which allowed players to obtain infinite stim healing on battle by dropping their guns while cooking a grenade.


The update adjusts the DMR’s overall performance by lowering the damage from that of a sniper rifle to a damage level more similar to the game’s assault rifles. It also regulates the damage drop off at closer range increments and increases the gun’s recoil when it is rapidly fired.

This makes the DMR 14 perform more similar to an actual marksman rifle and less similar to an assault rifle/sniper rifle hybrid that has allowed it to be almost the common choice by the majority of the player base. This was the main adjustment asked by players amongst the many minor balancing fixes that came with the unification of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War into the game mode.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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