New Dying Light Map And Fire Wand Arrives In Upcoming Hellraid Update

Techland has released the third brand-new content update for Dying Light’s Hellraid DLC, introducing a new map section to explore as well as a new magic skill to unlock by completing a daring quest. Hellraid was originally a separate Techland IP with a medieval setting, first-person melee combat, and dungeon crawling mechanics similar to those found in many other fantasy role-playing games. Announced around the same time as Dying Light, the title was later canceled and re-released as DLC five years later.

The open-world zombie survival adventure was well-received upon its initial release and quickly became one of the most downloaded games in 2015. Techland, the game’s developer, committed to supporting the game by releasing an expansion, content packs, content drops, and regular free updates several years after its initial release.

Following the title’s Platinum Edition re-release earlier this year, which also saw the zombie action-adventure come to Nintendo Switch, the studio is now set to release a next-gen patch for Dying Light on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S almost seven years after its launch.


Techland has released the third content update for Dying Light’s Hellraid DLC, which goes live today. The new update will include a brand new map section in The Mysterious Portal, where daring players can embark on a difficult quest to unlock an exclusive weapon and magical skill.

The quest must be completed in one playthrough and rewards players with the Fire Wand, a fireball-shooting weapon that sets enemies on fire, as well as the Wand Mastery skill. Three new potions will also provide buffs such as reduced enemy damage, up to 200 percent melee damage, and double movement speed.

The new content update will also include new challenge modes via portals and a new location called The Armor, which will become available after completing the imprisonment side quest. This area will allow players to show off their weapons, which they can obtain by progressing through the ranks of the DLC.

While Techland is still providing support and content for the original Dying Light, this is set to change soon. After multiple delays, Dying Light 2, the developer’s highly anticipated survival-horror sequel, is set to release in early 2022. The ambiguous title will expand on the series’ signature parkour system, combat, and a branched choice-driven story that will play a significant role in progression.

Dying Light 2 is only a few months away, and Techland is constantly updating the original title with new content. Hellraid, while never a standalone title, is an important part of Techland’s history and continues to expand, providing RPG fans with a new mode to enjoy. While it is unknown whether it will receive another expansion in the future, perhaps Dying Light’s sequel will see the return of the popular DLC in some form next year.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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