Players Subscribing To Epic Games Store Newsletters Will Get A Free $10 Coupon

The Epic Games Store recently announced its “Connect and Save” event, in which those who sign up for its emails and wishlist alerts will receive a free $10 USD. The storefront has undergone a few changes recently, most notably the recent launch of Epic Achievements, a new Epic Games Store achievement system that grants players XP that can be used to unlock specific rewards.

According to an official announcement on the Epic Games website, “Connect and Save” will allow those who join its email list and opt-in to wishlist notifications to receive a $10 USD Epic Coupon. When “purchasing eligible games on the Epic Games Store,” the coupon can be applied to any order at checkout. Only those who create or already have an account with the store will be able to use the coupon, which will be emailed to them within 24 hours of signing up for the store’s required services.

The Epic MEGA Sale Coupon

The announcement also included information on how to create an account with the Epic Games Store, as well as currency equivalents for those who use currencies other than the US dollar. In addition, the list of global currencies specified the minimum purchase amount to which the coupon could be applied.

If a coupon is used on a game that is later returned, the value of the coupon will not be returned to the buyer. Similarly, the Epic Coupons can be used until November 15 at 11:59 p.m. PST, and all unredeemed discount vouchers will expire at the same time.

Get a $10 Epic Coupon | Holiday Sale 2020 - Epic Games Store

This isn’t the first time Epic Games has held such $10-coupon events; the Epic Games Store experienced a similar occasion during the holiday season. With a relatively simple process to earn $10 toward the gaming provider service, some may see this as an opportunity to splurge on the game they’ve been eyeing finally.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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