New House of the Dead Remake Trailer Shows Off Gameplay

A remake of The House Of The Dead is in the works, and a new trailer showing the remake’s gameplay on the Nintendo Switch has been released. With new graphics, music, and gameplay mechanics, the retro late-90s rail shooter is having a complete remake. The trailer is short, but it demonstrates that the remake will follow in the footsteps of the original in terms of over-the-top zombie entertainment.

In 1996, Sega launched The House Of The Dead as a rail-shooter arcade cabinet. The game soon became a favorite in arcades around the world since its international release in 1997. The House Of The Dead, along with the Resident Evil series, is credited with reintroducing zombies to video games.

Many believe that franchises like Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising would not survive if The House Of The Dead had not been successful. Outside of the sluggish shambling corpse that is the standard, the game introduced the theme of fast-moving zombies as well as other mutant monster variants. The House Of The Dead: Scarlet Dawn, the most recent installment in the franchise, was released in 2019 to favorable reviews.


Sega has entrusted the production of The House Of The Dead: Remake and The House Of The Dead 2: Remake for the Nintendo Switch to the Polish studio Forever Entertainment. The first entry’s trailer has been released, and it features new graphics that spruce up the series’ now-classic aesthetic.

The soundtrack has the same arcade techno thump to keep the blood pumping as players mow down the zombies and travel from stage to stage across small passageways. The short trailer also reveals that the user interface would be identical to arcade cabinets, with player cursors visible on the console for different prompts during gameplay and cutscenes.

The trailer shows how the original levels have been modernized with HD graphics and character templates. The trailer concludes with the introduction of a new role concept for Dr. Curien, the man responsible for the dead coming back to life in the first film.

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The several sequels to the House Of The Dead series maintained the original’s over-the-top representation of the zombies. Still, with actual arcades apparently obsolete, it’s unclear what a sequel would look like.

Since the Nintendo Switch supports split-screen co-op, motion capture, and multiplayer play, it seems to be a natural fit for point-and-shoot arcade remakes. With games like The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD being remastered and revamped, one wonders how many more classic games from the past will be remastered and updated for Nintendo’s new console.

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