New Max Raid Event Launched in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield are running an exclusive Max Raid event highlighting Grass and Lighting Pokemon. The event will run until September 30 and will let players catch several powerful Gigantamax-capable Pokemon and at it to their collection.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Max Raid Battles allow players to team up in groups of four and fight powerful Gigantamaxed Pokemon. Even if a player has already completed their Pokedex, joining a Max Raid Battle is still beneficial.


Pokemon caught via Max Raid Battles usually have better stats, have Hidden Abilities, and can access Gigantamax form. Player can always raise the stats of their Pokemon via Hyper Training and even let them learn how to Gigantamax via Max Soups, but one lucky Max Raid catch makes these processes worthless.

The new event showcases several Electric and Grass Dynamaxed Pokemon including Boltund, Yamper, Heliosk, Helioptile, Eldegoss, Gossifleur, Ferrothorn, and Ferroseed. Players will also be able to catch Toxtricity, Flapple, and Appletun in their Gigantamax forms as well as their pre-evolutionary forms – Applin and Toxel.

Applin is really easy to catch but has a tricky evolution so having the opportunity to catch its evolutions directly will come in handy for players looking to complete their Pokedex. Both Appletun/Flapple and Toxtricity have complex Gigantamax forms.

Toxtricity has two forms – Amped Form and Low Key form. In addition to a unique moveset, only the Amped form has access to the Plus ability while Low Key mode only has access to the Minus ability. Both forms look the same when in Gigantamax form and have the same G-max move called G-Max Stun Shock. For Flapple and Appletun, both share the same Gigantamax appearance but each has a different G-Max move. Flapple has G-Max Tartness while Appletun has G-Max Sweetness.


The consistent rotation of Max Raid events provides players more access to powerful Pokemon which leads to a more diverse competitive team. Now that Game Freak has banned Pokemon that has been used in last year’s official tournaments, most trainers are hungry to find new Pokemon which can be used in this year’s Pokemon Video Game Championships.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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